What is Tinnitus and 10 Tips to Get Relief

The official definition of Tinnitus is: “A ringing, roaring or clicking in the ears.”

Whichever way you look at it, it’s noise and it’s infuriating.

I suffer from Tinnitus (although I’m by no means the severest of cases). I read the other day that 12 million people in the US suffer from Tinnitus and 7 million in the UK. That’s a lot of people with ringing in the ears, and unfortunately there is no cure, as far as I know. So one must learn to manage it.

There are ways of relieving the intensity of the tinnitus, and here I share some personal tips with you. Some of them might surprise you! I certainly found out some interesting information while I was doing my research.

So, below are my 10 Tips For Tinnitus Relief:

1. It would seem obvious, but avoid loud noises, music, etc.

2. Minimize the use of headphones, ipods, etc (sorry!)

3. Minimize or eliminate the use of cell (mobile) phones and DECT cordless phones in the home and office (avoid carrying phones and/or pagers on your body)

4. Get rid of phones and electric clock radios next to your head at night, especially if they’re cordless, and don’t leave your mobile phone on your bedside table

5. Minimize, if you can, exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMF), including WI-FI (turn it off at night!), communication towers, transformers, power lines and electrical appliances (like hair dryers) – if you can’t minimize exposure then there are ways to protect yourself (contact me for more information).

6. Avoid sinus and nose congestion – so keep the passages open and free as much as possible  (the build up of mucus can affect the whole nose, throat, ear area!)

7. Keep your energy levels up and your immune system strong (do Main Central Exercise and the Immune Booster Hold)

8. Reduce or eliminate coffee and caffeine from your diet. Surprisingly, caffeine has been shown to worsen the symptoms of tinnitus (that was a new one for me!)

9. TMJ syndrome can exacerbate tinnitus. TMJ stands for Temporo Mandibular Joint and it’s located near the ear – I have found that easing the tension in this area with some massage is quite useful

10. An all around remedy for ears is to put one drop of Lavender essential oil (use the variety Lavandula Angustifolia) on some cotton wool and place it in the ear overnight. I find that this helps soothe the ears, especially if there is any pain or discomfort. Lavender is one of the safest oils, but of course, do not take the oil  internally. And remember, with essential oils, less is always better.

And of course, I find great comfort for the ears and relief from tinnitus by using some finger positions (‘mudras’) and some self help holds. I got one of the holds from a dear friend in India.

In this video, Tinnitus Self Help Holds, I show you some of those exercises:

Self Help to Relieve Emotional Upset

Jin Shin Jyutsu emotional upsetWhenever I feel emotionally upset or stressed and need to
calm down, I do this great Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Hold:
I cross my arms and hold my upper arms.

Wrap right hand/fingers over the left upper arm,
and wrap the left hand/fingers over the right upper arm.
Close your eyes and breathe in and out until you feel that
your sense of calm is restored.

All you need is a bit of privacy and a few minutes to restore
calm and perspective… Try it out.

This JSJ hold also clears the chest, the digestive system and releases tension in the back.

And when you feel calmer, use the Donna Eden zip up technique to ‘ground’ the calm: all you need to do is ‘zip up’ your chakras from the base (pubic bone) all the way up the front to the mouth and ‘lock’.

This will protect your energy from outside attack and help you remain more grounded and strong.

Donna Eden’s zip up technique is very useful if you live in the city – do it before you go out, and again when you come back home. Energy Medicine by Donna Eden is available here

Harmonise for Perfect Balance

THIRD GLOBAL EVENT: Harmonise for Perfect Balance

This Thursday, February 19, at 19.00 (where ever you are), you are invited to join us for the THIRD Global Event where we will work with the 19s to Harmonise for Perfect Balance; simply cross your arms and wrap your hands around your upper arms.

The first two events saw the participation of people in over 30 countries. Amazing!

It is important to remember that when we do these exercises we not only harmonise our individual energies; we help harmonise the collective energies as well.

Will you join us to effect much needed change in the world?

When we do a self help hold we use specific energy sites on the body. There are 26 of these energy sites that have a specific location and function. And very cleverly, 26 means complete – so we ARE complete.

We have everything we need to be in complete PEACE and HARMONY – we just have to keep working on it 🙂

So today I want to share with you one of my favourite energy sites (well, actually all 26 are my favourites!) located on the outside of the elbow, and its variation, located on the upper arm.

This energy site is number 19. It means Perfect Balance and it is where we hold our power and authority. So in essence, when my 19s are open, no one, and nothing, has power over me.

We can harmonise the 19s by crossing our arms and placing our hands on the outsides of the elbows.

We can also cross our arms and wrap our hands around the upper arms, as I show in the image.

Jin Shin Jyutsu emotional upset

Working with the 19s and High 19s as we call them, helps me breathe, helps release my chest, balance my digestive system, release my back. It also effectively calms me down when I am emotionally upset (as I mention in another post: Self Help to Relieve Emotional Upset)

Sending you a JSJ hug across the miles.


PS Join the Jin Shin Jyutsu Global Events Facebook Group

Jin Shin Jyutsu® Self Help: Attitudes

The thumb and the fingers form the foundation of Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help.

Just by holding the thumb and the fingers every day one at a time for a few minutes, is a good way to regenerate all our 144,000 energy functions.

Moreover, the effects over time are cumulative, so the more you hold your fingers, the quicker you’ll notice the benefit.

Each thumb and finger is related to an emotion or as we call them in Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ATTITUDE. There are five atttitudes that form the basis, the starting point as it were, of every dis-ease and disharmony:

Worry, Fear (that’s the biggest one at the moment!), Anger, Grief and Pretense (trying to, or ‘efforting’ – the one to hold for the Heart).  The hold for Depression and Fatigue is the center of the palm.

Simply hold a finger for a few minutes, or when you’re watching television, waiting for a bus or whatever, to harmonise each attitude. As I always tell people whom I introduce to this Art: ‘You need never be bored again!’

See the links to these older posts for the finger holds:

Self Help for Worry (and insomnia)

Self Help for Anxiety (and Fear and Panic)

Self Help for Anger (and High or Low Blood Pressure)

Self Help for Grief (and breathing)

Self Help for Heart (and discomforts)

Self Help for Depression (and Fatigue)

Self Help for Stiff Neck and Shoulder Pain

A stiff neck and shoulder pain are, well, a pain in the neck!

Luckily, we all have an energy pathway that crosses the shoulders and hips, travelling up and down the arms into the middle fingers and also travelling up and down the legs doing kind of a loop de loop all over the body. This energy also goes round the head and around the chest.

This little gem of a self help hold that I learned and often use does many things:
* eases a stiff neck and shoulder pain
* alleviates pain down the arm, in the elbow, in the hand & fingers
* detoxes the body
* helps protect the body against osteoporosis
* gets rid of aches and pains in the body (also fibromyalgia)
* lubricates the joints (so good for knee pain, elbow pain)
* and even helps with all arthritic projects or ‘problems’
* helps the skeletal structure
* helps the eyes

Place Left hand over Left Shoulder and Right hand on the Left elbow crease. For the other side, place Right hand over Right Shoulder and Left hand on the Right elbow crease.

Do this hold every day for 20 minutes minimum each side and within a short time you’ll definitely notice a difference!

This is one of my absolute favourite holds. I have used it  many times on myself and in my practice.

An Ancient Art of Harmonising the Life Energy

On Flows For Life you’ll find a whole lot of Self Help Holds as I call them, which are based on an Ancient Japanese Art called Jin Shin Jyutsu (pronounced as ‘jitsoo’).

I often describe Jin Shin Jyutsu as a form of ‘Acupuncture with the fingers’, but it involves no manipulation, pressure or massage, so it is safe for every body from 0-100+ years of age!

This ancient Art harmonises and balances the life energy in the body by using the fingers and hands (over clothing) to alleviate symptoms of discomfort and disharmony.

This ‘energy medicine’ is a gentle, yet effective and powerful tool for health and well-being which is simple to learn, and the beneficial effects are usually felt immediately.

You don’t have to create or believe anything for it to work.

By putting your hands on specific parts of the body, and connecting with the corresponding ‘energy sites’ you are working with your energy and activating and facilitating the flow of energy to help speed up the body’s natural ability to regenerate and heal itself.

Introducing the awareness of this Art engages one in self study and self help. Through the process of ‘Now Know (Help) MYSELF’ we recognise the wisdom of the body, and we learn to interpret the messages provided and utilize them to restore balance. Jin Shin Jyutsu can be applied by a practitioner, but it is also dynamic as self help.

I find it VERY cool that this powerful aid is ready and available to every single one of us. Just by knowing where to put your hands on your body you can manage your everyday stresses and pains, restore and maintain your energy levels, boost your immune system, and much more, to feel and look better every day!

Why I Love the Self Help in Jin Shin Jyutsu

Our natural state is happiness and joy.

You wouldn’t think it, would you? There is so much suffering in the world.

When I first became aware of the power of Jin Shin Jyutsu, I wanted to ‘go out and save the world’.  Funnily enough, there were many that don’t want to be saved, aren’t ready to be saved. And quite frankly, TRYING TO (little finger attitude) help THEM was distracting me from HELPING ME. I realised after many years of offering help (and of course I still help when help is asked) that making a difference starts with ME.

If I want my world to be a certain way, then I need to demonstrate it in my human BEINGNESS. I need to be the example. I want my life to be the blessing and the adventure. I want my life to BE FUN. So no matter how noble my desire to help others, help has to start with ME.

To KNOW others, I must KNOW MYSELF first. The gift of Jin Shin Jyutsu –the Art of the Creator through the Man of Knowing and Compassion – is that when we forget the message that LIFE IS MEANT TO BE A BLESSING, AN ADVENTURE AND FUN, we have this ancient and gentle healing art which repairs the damage done and returns us to our natural state of JOY and HAPPINESS.

This is also why I love SELF HELP: Because it is EMPOWERING. It gives me back control of MYSELF.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Holds Manage Cholesterol Levels

Letters like this one are a real joy to me, mainly because the person is actively using the information and seeing/feeling the benefits of the Jin Shin Jyutsu self help holds over a period of time – not only that, her doctor is amazed too! I’m printing this letter with her permission:

Good morning Astrid,

Thank you so very much for your website with all the practical, wonderful Jin Shin Jyutsu information you have on there. I refer to your site almost daily, and not only use it but have learned so much from it.

I’m sure many others also appreciate the time you take to share these wonderful holds and your expertise with us and to answer our questions.

About ten years ago I came across the ‘Touch of Healing’ book in our local library and immediately purchased one for my own use. I was fascinated by it and although I didn’t know anyone who practiced Jin Shin or was a practitioner, I read the book and used the finger holds.

Then several months ago I found your website and began in earnest to learn about and use many of the other holds.

In fact I loved it when you mentioned that if you wanted to change your life, then hold the 1’s for an hour a day. I took you at your word and started doing just that. It so worked!

A couple of months ago I’d gone to my doctor for a regular check up with the lab work. When he came in he said to me your lab work is great. He said there isn’t anything that is out of balance and your cholesterol is way down and everything is where it is suppose to be.

I have never been able to get my cholesterol down, even though I’ve been taking medication for several years.

I said really? I was so surprised!
He said yes really, I don’t know what you are doing, but KEEP DOING IT!

So of course I am continuing the Jin Shin, and a few weeks ago I had a knee project happen and about the same time an esophagus project developed.

With the knee project it is very hard for me to hold both 1’s at the same time now, so I hold one side for thirty minutes and then the other side for thirty minutes. I also hold the 15’s for the knees and I do the Main Central every night when I go to bed.

For the esophagus I am using the left and right Supervisor flows as well as the high 19’s.

While I am waiting to see the knee specialist and hear back the results from my esophagus test, I am averaging about 2-3 hours each day doing these holds. (I am retired and have the time to devote to the holds.)

Although neither project is completely gone yet, every day I am able to detect a difference and especially this morning I can tell the knee is getting better.

At first it seemed to take a long time to see results, but I am glad you mentioned that all holds are ‘cumulative’, as that has kept me going and helped me to wait and watch for the results.

I feel Jin Shin Jyutsu is bringing me closer to total wellness. I need to clear and heal a lot of years but I feel so much better now than this time a year ago. I know it will be an ongoing process but I find Jin Shin to be easy to do (with a few exceptions) and it has brought me to a better place spiritually and emotionally as well as physically.

Again thank you so much for your website and information, they have been such a tremendous help to me! Please keep up the good work and know that you are appreciated!

FP from Missouri, USA