Self help that works as easy as holding a finger

As Easy as Holding a Finger

Nearly 100 years ago, a man called Jiro Murai was pronounced terminally ill in Japan. He was only 26, but he asked his family to take him up to their mountain cabin for seven days.

There, he practiced various finger poses. He discovered a self help that works, that’s as easy as holding a finger. After seven days, he was completely healed.

He dedicated his life to the study of what he called Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Master Jiro Murai also fasted and meditated. I’m sure that fast tracked things considerably. However, I don’t advise anyone doing this without medical supervision, especially if there is already a diagnosed condition.

The effect is cumulative

The good news is that the effect of holding the thumbs and fingers over time is cumulative. The more you hold your fingers, the more you’ll feel the positive effects. Feel calmer, have more energy, balance your emotions – just by holding the thumbs and fingers.

How to hold the thumb and each finger? See the links below to harmonize each corresponding ATTITUDE (or ‘stuck’ emotion):

Thumb for Worry (with video)
Index finger for Anxiety (with video)
Middle finger for Anger (with video)
Ring finger for Grief (with video)
Little finger for Trying (too hard) (with video)

I’m missing a finger…

If a digit or indeed the whole hand is missing, then one can work on the energy. The energy is still there. So if there is a prosthetic hand, one can hold each prosthetic thumb and finger. Same as with a regular hand. Isn’t that clever?

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