Self Help For Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Self Help for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Hold to calm the nervous system

In the past, I have had great success with Jin Shin Jyutsu self help for anxiety and panic attacks, and this is my go to exercise.

There is an energy site on the outside of the wrist which is number 17 – it came into the universe meaning Reproductive Energy (as in generating new energy).

Hold this energy site in emergencies to balance the nervous system.

Flows For Life Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Anxiety

It is also a great helper to alleviate anxiety and panic attacks; and you can use it as a smelling salt if you feel faint.

This energy site on the outside of the wrist is also fantastic instead of that Mars bar fix in the middle of the afternoon when you might need a quick energy boost – it’s a quick reviver!

Holding the outside of the wrist also helps with the development of intuition, and alleviates chest congestion. For the exercise, place the right hand over the left wrist. Place the left fingers on the palm of the left hand, as shown in the image. To do the other side, just reverse the hands.

When it gets really bad do this as well

In the case of panic attacks, I would also cross my arms and place my hands on the insides of the knees. The insides of the knees  is THE place to hold in emergencies – keeps you BREATHING, and helps ease nausea and vomiting.

Flows For Life Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Anxiety

If this hold is a bit awkward because you are in a public place for instance, then just grab your left little finger with your right hand and hold. I find holding the left little finger especially useful at the first sign of my heart racing a bit.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an Ancient Art of harmonizing the life energy in the body by using the fingers and hands.

In the video below I explain these simple exercises to relieve Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

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