Suffer from fainting spells? Try this Jin Shin Jyutsu hold.

Suffer from fainting spells? Try this Jin Shin Jyutsu hold.

I was surprised to find out that vasovagal syncope, a fancy name for the common faint, is much more common than I thought. Apparently, up to one third of the population suffer from fainting spells mostly due to dehydration and standing for long periods of time. Luckily, there is a simple Jin Shin Jyutsu hold that acts as a ‘smelling salt’ in this situation.

Watch the video where I show you the hold:

A Safety Energy Lock that helps the nervous system

In Jin Shin Jyutsu we learn that we have 26 energy sites or Safety Energy Locks (SELs) on the body – there are 26 on the left side and 26 mirror images on the right side. Each one has a name, a meaning, a function and a location. In fact, the number 26 means complete!

On the outside of the left and right wrist, on the little finger side, we find SEL 17.

SEL 17 means ‘reproductive energy’ – as in, it reproduces energy when needed.

So if you are in need of a quick energy boost, holding the outside of the wrist will do this. Especially good if you feel sleepy in the afternoon and you can’t stop what you are doing to take a power nap. Just a few seconds or a couple of minutes of holding this energy site will help you be more alert.

Holding SEL 17 also harmonises the nervous system and relaxes the mind, so I talk a lot about this SEL to ease anxiety and panic attacks (see link to that post at the bottom of this one).

And, of course, holding the outside of the wrist also acts as a reviving ‘smelling salt’ for when someone faints. Easy for anyone to do – even kids!

Relieve fainting with Jin Shin Jyutsu hold

Wrap right hand over the left wrist, as shown below. This is SEL 17.

at the same time, fold the left fingers onto the base of the left thumb/palm. This is SEL 18. It adds extra help to clear the head.

Isn’t it wonderful that we have our two hands to use to relieve fainting – Jin Shin Jyutsu is amazing!

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