Easy Jin Shin Jyutsu Hold to Relieve Depression

Relieve Depression with Easy Jin Shin Jyutsu Hold

Life can be hard sometimes. When it feels like that, it’s no fun. There are many reasons, of course, why we might feel blue or down in the dumps. The good news is that you can do this easy Jin Shin Jyutsu hold if you are suffering from depression. Use it to soothe you, to lift your spirits!

Exhaustion is a big good mood vampire; it can cause a lack of joy, a lack of enthusiasm for life. In this case it would also greatly help to revitalise the body. Moreover, when the energy is ‘stuck’ it helps to get more ‘flow’ going.

Luckily, we have a system that helps us recharge our rundown batteries. Even better news: we come with the ‘jumper cables’ attached! Those jumper cables are our wonderful hands.

Watch the video below where I show you the exercise

Our batteries come with jumper cables attached

We have 26 pairs of energy sites on the body called Safety Energy Locks (SELs). Those 26 SELs are our batteries. We can recharge them by placing our hands on them.

Each of these Safety Energy Locks are found on a specific location on the body. They also each have a meaning and a function. Together, our system of 26 SELs can help us on all levels: mentally, emotionally, digestively, physically and spiritually. That is because they encompass all of our human experience.

Two Safety Energy Locks to ease depression

There are two Safety Energy Locks that we can employ to ease despondency and depression. These two wonderful little ‘batteries’ can help us get back into our FLOW, to BE happy and content wherever, and whenever we are.

So if you are feeling despondent or depressed, take some time out every day to do this simple Jin Shin Jyutsu hold. Just sit or lie quietly, close you eyes, and place your hands. You can hold as long as you like, or until you feel relief. Practice as often as you like during the day. If it feels good, keep doing it!

Safety Energy Lock 23 is located on the small of the back. It is my go to SEL to relax the body and mind and to revitalise the adrenals. It helps our blood circulation and our brain functions, so we can think more clearly and calmly. SEL 23 is all about FLOW.

Safety Energy Lock 22 helps us adapt to any situation and change. So it calms the mind and the emotions. SEL 22 is all about being happy with who I AM and where I AM.

Easy Jin Shin Jyutsu Hold to Relieve Depression

Jin Shin Jyutsu Exercise

Right side (shown)
Place the right hand on right small of back (at SEL 23) and
the left hand on left collarbone (at SEL 22)

Left side
Place the left hand on left small of back (at SEL 23) and
the right hand on right collarbone (at SEL 22)

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