Jin Shin Jyutsu Work With The Power Of Four

Jin Shin Jyutsu for the head and eyes

One day, I looked out the windows at home, and I realised it was time to give them a good clean.

It’s the same with our body – we clean the outside as part of our daily routine, but when do we clean the inside? A few minutes every day is all we need.

The two simple exercises below help the whole body. Moreover, these Jin Shin Jyutsu exercises are particularly good for clearing the head and helping the eyes.

Flows For Life Lets work with the power of four
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The Power of Four

To do this, we use energy site number 4, located on the left and right side at the base of the skull (see image above).

Mary Burmeister explains how they ‘work’: “Four came into the universe meaning Measuring Intelligence, measuring out to each body energy function all its needs from the exhaustless abundance of our Source; the ‘window’ admitting light (Knowledge) and air (Life-Breath).”

What Mary says is profound. In other words, when we hold the FOURS we recharge our run down energies and help supply the adequate energy to each of our 144,000 energy functions.

Moreover, holding the fours at the base of the skull helps clear head discomforts. When I have a fuzzy or foggy head, I hold the fours.

The fours also help our eyes, our vision – they are like our personal eye doctor. How cool is that.

So we can work with the fours at any time – they also help when we can’t sleep or when we have tension in the legs. In fact, hold the fours for a whole mind/body experience!

Something really interesting happens…

When a new client comes to see me for a treatment and their body is tense, I usually start the session by checking Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 4 at the base of the skull. Very often, one or both of them are tight (note: there is an SEL 4 on the left side and a mirror image on the right side).

But after I hold them for a while, they soften, and the client visibly relaxes as tension is released. In fact, a client recently exclaimed: “I felt my whole body relaxing – it was wonderful!”

Jin Shin Jyutsu exercises for the head and eyes

The two exercises are outlined below.

First Exercise:
Hold the fours at the base of the skull

Second Exercise:
(also helps the Liver and Gallbladder energy circulation)
Place the right hand on left SEL 4 at the base of the skull
Place the left hand over the left shoulder so that the fingers rest on the inside edge of the shoulder blade (SEL 3)

Then if you like, reverse this hold:
Place the left hand on the right four at the base of the skull
Place the right hand over the right shoulder.

How long to hold for?

You can do these two exercises together or individually, depending on what you want to achieve. You can hold the fours for 10 to 20 minutes (or more) when going to bed (you’ll probably fall asleep while doing the exercise). The longer you hold, the more you will probably feel tension releasing.

The second exercise is one I usually do before I get out of bed in the morning, or during the day whenever I feel the need.

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