Sleep better with Jin Shin Jyutsu quick holds

Nothing is worse than not being able to sleep. I’m sure we all experience it: either it’s hard to fall asleep or, we can’t get back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night. Instead of tossing and turning; getting frustrated at the thought that you won’t be at your best in the morning because you haven’t had a restful night, try these simple Jin Shin Jyutsu holds for insomnia.

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Three fingers to the rescue

One of the things that we can do to fall asleep is to hold some fingers. I have used this many times and I am always amazed at how quickly it works!

In other posts, I talk about the power of thumb to help us sleep. And usually it is pretty effective. But sometimes, we need ‘a bit more’ to get us to sleep. That’s when I employ a sequence of fingers.

Three simple Jin Shin Jyutsu holds to combat insomnia. Three key fingers to hold in a particular sequence: Thumb, Middle finger, then Little finger.

Jin Shin Jyutsu for insomnia

You can do these exercises in bed, before you go to bed, or at any time during the day. The main thing is to get into a comfortable position.

1. Hold your Thumb. Wrap your right hand around your left thumb. Relax the hands and hold, then

2. Hold your Middle Finger. Wrap your right hand around your left Middle Finger, then

3. Hold your Little Finger. Wrap your right hand around your left Little Finger.

That’s it!

You can choose to do either hand. If you feel more comfortable working on the other hand then the exercise is as follows:
Wrap left hand around the thumb. Hold for a few minutes (if you haven’t fallen asleep by now) then hold the left middle finger, then the left little finger.

When you practice these Jin Shin Jyutsu exercises for insomnia there is absolutely no need for any pressure, no need to pull, no need to push, no need to manipulate anything. Wrap your hand, relax your hands and hold. Y

You don’t need to think or intend anything. In fact, that is the whole point of holding either THUMB, is that it calms the mind and clears WORRY!

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