Self Help for FAST relief of Leg Cramps

Self Help for FAST relief of Leg Cramps

Ooohhhh the pain.

Ooohhh the agony.

Most of us have woken up at some time or other with cramp in the leg.

A few nights ago it was my right calf muscle that seized up. Thank goodness I knew what to do. I immediately dug my fingers into the backs of my knees and held on for dear life.

Within 10 to 15  seconds, I promise you, no more than that, the cramp eased and disappeared. It was a pretty bad one, so my lower leg felt sore for a while but I could go back to sleep.

Emergency hold for muscle spasm and cramp

Remember this GEM of a Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Hold when you have cramp in the leg, or muscle cramp anywhere in the body for that matter!


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