Are you a Doctor?!?

Most of us have suffered leg cramp at some point in our lives and we know how excruciating that pain is.

Well, imagine being up on stage in front of hundreds of people and you get severe cramp, not just in one leg but in both!

This actually happened to someone recently at a seminar I attended.

The poor guy had to get off the stage and sit down – he was in extreme pain and looked very distressed. Immediately, a whole lot of people gathered around him, trying to ‘help’.

Emergency hold for muscle spasm and cramp

I managed to cut through the group, quietly knelt down and put my fingers at the back of his knees and held on. Meanwhile it was complete chaos around him. All sorts of well meaning people asking if he was okay and offering all sorts of advice.

At the same time, people shouting at me: “Are you a doctor? Are you a doctor?!?!?!”

I reply: “No, I’m a  Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner.” And kept holding the backs of his knees.

After a few minutes he calmed down, then I asked if the pain had gone. He said that yes, it had – so I quietly got up and left him. I don’t think he even realised what had happened. And that’s the way it should be – so quick, so easy, that you don’t even have time to wonder about it.

It just IS – PAIN GONE.

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