Release Body Tension with Jin Shin Jyutsu

Tension gone with Jin Shin Jyutsu!

The body is very clever and has various mechanisms to maintain homeostasis, or balance. When there is stress, the body reacts in many different ways to protect us from harm. One of these responses to stress is that the muscles tense up and because of this, the body can feel rigid or tight. The good news is that you can release muscle and body tension with this simple Jin Shin Jyutsu hold.

Watch the video below to release body tension

Tension and stress over time

It’s amazing how over a period of time, we can get used to the build up of tension in the body. It might be a while before we realise that actually, our body is not feeling comfortable at all. This can cause other stress-related symptoms like anxiety and insomnia, as well as aches and pains. No FUN!

A special energy pathway

Our energetic being is made up of many energy pathways that move through the body on different levels. Some energy pathways are closer to the surface; they are more dense in nature, and therefore they are fabulous at helping the physical body quite quickly. In actual fact, tension and stress on any level can be harmonised with different Jin Shin Jyutsu holds.

In this case, one of those special energies helps the muscle function. This means that we can clear and recharge this energy pathway, relax the muscles and release body tension. You can do this even for extreme muscle tension. The best thing is, it is such a simple self help hold that anyone can do it.

Release body tension with this Jin Shin Jyutsu hold

For the left side (shown)
Place the left fingers on the center back of the left knee and
the right fingers on the center back of the right knee
Relax the hands and hold. There is no need to use any pressure.
Hold for as long as 20 minutes, or until you feel the body relaxing.

For the right side
Cross your arms and
Place the right fingers at the center back of the left knee and
the left fingers on the center back of the right knee.

Start with the side that is most comfortable for you to practice. Most often, I find that just doing one side is enough to help the whole body relax. That is because the circulation of energy on one side moves and affects the circulation of the other side.

You can also do this exercise to alleviate hemorrhoids, and for restless, ‘jumping’ legs.

Do what works for you, but the main thing is: ENJOY!

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