Magic Jin Shin Jyutsu Hold to Stay Fit

This wonderfully simple, yet dynamic self help exercise works like magic (especially if you do it every day).

Hugely versatile

I have used this self help hold for many things, and it always comes through.

It is a really useful hold to practise after a strenuous workout, or after a long run because it helps take lactic acid out of the muscles and relaxes them. The upshot is: no more sore muscles after a workout! This is a great tip for marathon runners or professional athletes.

Sitting on your hands also takes fatigue out of the body (you might need to practise this hold for longer than 20 minutes, depending on how severe the fatigue is).

If you’re not into intense workouts and jogging, then there’s also good news: this hold helps keep the body fit and toned. This is great news as it reduces thick thighs and tones the ‘derriere’. After two weeks of practising this hold every day you should notice a difference.

I’ve heard it said that sitting on your hands for 20 minutes a day is equivalent to running three miles! Mary Burmeister called this self help hold ‘The lazy man’s jog’.

Flows For Life Jin Shin Jyutsu Magic Exercise Hold to stay fit

Sit on your hands

Just sit in a soft, comfortable chair and place your right hand, palm up, under your right buttock (where the sitting bone is). Place your left hand, palm up, under your left buttock (where the sitting bone is). Or you can lie down and do this hold – great to make a power nap really dynamic!

And speaking of power naps, see the post where I explain how this exercise relieves that horrible ‘hangover like feeling’ when you haven’t slept all night:

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Hold for Fatigue

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