Magic Exercise: Hold to Stay Fit

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Hold

jin shin jyutsu fatigueThis is a wonderfully simple yet dynamic self help exercise that works like magic (especially if you do it every day).

Sitting on your hands at least 20 minutes a day takes fatigue out of the body. It also releases lactic acid from the muscles so it’s great to relax after a work out – no more sore muscles!

It keeps the body fit and toned.  So it helps reduce thick thighs and tones the bottom (yeah!).

It’s been said that sitting on your hands for 20 minutes is equivalent to running 3 miles! Mary Burmeister used to call this self help hold “The lazy man’s jog”. I love it!

Sit On Your Hands

Just sit in a soft, comfortable chair and place your right hand, palm up, under your right buttock (where the sit-bone is). Place your left hand, palm up, under your left buttock (where the sit-bone is). Or you can lie down and do this hold – great for a quick power nap.

And speaking of power naps, see the post where I explain how this exercise relieves that horrible ‘hang over like feeling’ when you haven’t slept all night:

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Hold for Fatigue

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I started my journey in complementary therapies in 1997 after a successful career in advertising. I began by studying the physical body and received my Diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy from the Tisserand Institute (TIDHA) in London in 1999. Around that time, I had a very interesting experience and became fascinated with the energy in the body. I explored various modalities like Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Shamanism and the like, but felt that I was missing something. Then I discovered the Universal Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, a hands-on therapy that can be applied by a trained practitioner and also learnt as self help. I suffered from migraines and was amazed that with some simple self help exercises I was able to manage the headaches and then clear them. I became a fully trained Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner in 2000 and have been teaching the self help classes since 2001. Over the years I have attended Jin Shin Jyutsu seminars and advanced classes presented by the original instructors that Mary Burmeister herself taught. I live in Wiltshire, England where I offer treatments, talks and self help classes. My role is simply to introduce the awareness of this gentle, yet dynamic Universal Art which is available to each and every one of us to use for our health, wellbeing and longevity.