How do you pronounce Jin Shin Jyutsu

How do you pronounce Jin Shin Jyutsu?

In this post I aim to answer some Jin Shin Jyutsu frequently asked questions.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is pronounced as jin shin jitsu*

*as described in The Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister

What does Jin Shin Jyutsu mean?

Literally translated from the Japanese, Jin Shin Jyutsu means ‘The Art of the Creator through the Person of Knowing and Compassion.’
Jin = Person of Knowing and Compassion
Shin = The Creator
Jyutsu = Art

Flows For Life Jin Shin Jyutsu FAQs

What IS Jin Shin Jyutsu?

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a universal Art of harmonising the life energy in the body by lightly placing the fingers and hands over clothing. It is a gentle, yet dynamic practice for health and wellbeing, available to each one of us (also animals!). It utilises a unique system of 26 ‘energy sites’ on the body called Safety Energy Locks.

Jin Shin Jyutsu has two aspects which sets it apart from most modalities: it can be applied by a trained practitioner and also learnt as self help.

Innate to each one of us, it is what makes Jin Shin Jyutsu so marvellous. Babies and children inherently know this when they suck their thumb and fingers: by doing so they help boost their energies and bring balance to their whole being.

In our every day lives, we use Jin Shin Jyutsu to help ourselves all the time, but we do it unconsciously, without awareness. When we are introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu our AWARENESS is awakened to understanding how to help MYSELF.

Which means that when I know where to put my hands on my body, I can regenerate my energies, or help myself get rid of a headache or neck ache or whatever.

Mary Burmeister says: “Jin Shin Jyutsu is simply the Art of Getting to KNOW (HELP) MYSELF.”

Flows For Life Jin Shin Jyutsu Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Jin Shin Jyutsu come from?

The principles and KEYS of Jin Shin Jyutsu are as old as mankind, and as such, form part of our human make up.

In ancient times, these KEYS were passed down orally from generation to generation, but the Art fell into relative obscurity until it was dramatically rediscovered, developed and named by Master Jiro Murai from Japan over 100 years ago.

After healing himself of a terminal illness, Master Murai dedicated his life to studying how the energy pathways ‘flow’ through the body.

He rediscovered the unique system of KEY ‘energy sites’ (officially called Safety Energy Locks) on the body. By using these, he learnt how to balance and correct any energy pathways that were ‘compromised’. He called this Jin Shin Jyutsu: the art of happiness, the art of benevolence, the art of longevity.

The Art was introduced to the West in the 1950s by one of Master Murai’s most dedicated students, Mary Burmeister. She became its foremost teacher in the West. Now there are thousands of Jin Shin Jyutsu students and practitioners around the world.

If you are new to Jin Shin Jyutsu, you may like my one hour class for beginners.

What are the Safety Energy Locks (SELs) in Jin Shin Jyutsu?

The system of Safety Energy Locks (SELs) is unique to Jin Shin Jyutsu.

They are not points. Rather, they are spheres of concentrated energy with a three inch radius around them which are found in specific locations on the body.

There are 26 SELs on the left side of the body, and 26 mirror images on the right side of the body.

Each SEL from 1 to 26 has a unique energy vibration and as such has a number, name, meaning, function and location. Interestingly, the number 26 means Complete.

Each SEL is responsible for an aspect of our being on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Put another way, the SELs are our own personal Safety Alarm System.

Someone described them in the following way: The Safety Energy Locks act like the electrical circuit breaker panel in our house. If there is too much electrical output the panel will blow a fuse to protect the entire house from burning down. In the same way, an SEL will ‘lock’ up as a safety precaution. So when we feel discomfort or pain in one or more of our SELs, this is the way that our bodies warn us that it needs attention.

The great thing is that we come with the necessary tools to ‘unlock’ the SELs: our hands. Mary Burmeister calls our hands our ‘jumper cables’. We can use them to recharge our SELs, much like we would use jumper cables to recharge the battery of a car.

It all starts with The Prime Mover

So for example, Safety Energy Lock number 1 is called the ‘Prime Mover’, as it connects the energy of the head with the toes (exhale down the front) and the toes with the head (inhale up the back).

Working with SEL 1 is particularly useful when there is abdominal discomfort, or difficulty breathing, for instance. It’s my go to energy site on the body when there is an emergency. SEL 1 is located on the inside of the knee.

Apart from the 26 SELs, practitioners also work with the fingers, toes and spinal column.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Frequently Asked Questions 26 Safety Energy Locks

“Jin Shin Jyutsu is systematic in its structure, subtle in the delivery and effect on the body, but powerful in its healing potential.”

How does Jin Shin Jyutsu work?

The practice of Self Help (when I work on MYSELF)

Hold each thumb and finger individually.

Or hold two particular ‘energy sites’ or SELs simultaneously until the tension or congestion is released, then move one hand to another SEL, and then another in specific sequences. These specific sequences are called ‘flows’.

Each energy site or SEL can take seconds to minutes to release and re-energise. Often, when the energy ‘flows’ you will feel a pulse in the fingers, but don’t worry if you don’t! Just enjoy each position for 2-3 minutes or until there is relief. You can also hold your thumb, finger or a comfortable position for an hour and really feel things happening!

Jin Shin Jyutsu session with a Practitioner (when I receive from another)

During a JSJ session with a practitioner, the client lies on a comfortable mattress, face up and fully clothed. The hands-on lasts about 45 minutes, with a short period for rest and teaching of self help afterwards.

After listening to the pulses, the practitioner decides on the appropriate ‘flows’ and applies light touch on the client’s body using the system of 26 Safety Energy Locks.

The treatment is a pleasurable experience, generally one of deep relaxation, and the benefits are usually felt immediately. Moreover, the treatment continues for a further 24 hour cycle after the session, gently cleaning, correcting and regenerating energies.

“Even after one treatment clients report that they feel ‘easier’, calmer and revitalised.”

The basis of self help in Jin Shin Jyutsu

Self help is as easy as holding a thumb or a finger to harmonise Worry, Fear, Anger, Grief, Efforting (Trying To) and all else.

“Jiro Murai’s research revealed that each one of our fingers affects 14,400 functions within the body.” (from A Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister)

How do I learn Jin Shin Jyutsu?

A great introductory book on Jin Shin Jyutsu is The Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister.

I offer online resources so you can start learning and working on yourself.

Have a look here: Jin Shin Jyutsu Resources on FlowsForLife

For those who want to really deepen their study of this Art (or become practitioners), there are basic 5-day seminars around the world which are offered by the JSJ head office, Jin Shin Jyutsu Inc, in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

There are also many self help exercises on this website – check out the FlowsForLife Index based on A-Z of ailments.

You don’t need to have any experience to start helping yourself, and you don’t need to believe anything for it to work. Just sit or lie quietly, close your eyes, place your hands and enjoy!

“Jin Shin Jyutsu has the same effect on the body as giving water to a wilting plant.” – Astrid Kauffmann

Does Jin Shin Jyutsu actually work?

Often, people (including myself) describe how differently they feel after a session, whether it is via practicing self help or receiving a session from someone else. (See testimonials below)

There are also several (past and ongoing) clinical studies which show Jin Shin Jyutsu to be an effective complement to traditional medicine.

For instance, a study conducted on cardiac patients in Morristown Hospital in New Jersey, USA, resulted in a significant reduction of pain, stress and nausea after just one Jin Shin Jyutsu session (source: AIMI Program Morristown 2010 with cardiac patients)

Ultimately, as Mary Burmeister says, “BE your own testimony.” There are a few personal Jin Shin Jyutsu stories on Flows For Life. You might even have one!

Who can benefit from Jin Shin Jyutsu?

Because it is so gentle, it is safe for babies, children, pregnant women, the elderly and infirm. It is also a useful support for people on medications and those undergoing cancer or other medical treatments. It can also help speed up the recovery period after surgery or illness.

Jin Shin Jyutsu relaxes, repairs, cleans and regenerates the whole being. As it facilitates the body’s own healing ability at the cause level, it can help to bring balance on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, no matter what is ‘going on’.

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Jin Shin Jyutsu Testimonials

I have gathered many, many testimonials over the years from working with clients in my Jin Shin Jyutsu Practice, offline and online.

Here are a few of them:

‘I feel like myself again, but better!’

‘The exercises you showed me were fantastic for pain relief!’

‘It’s quite remarkable how the pain in my knee has subsided.’

‘Movement is much improved generally.’

‘I feel different. Refreshed and lighter.’

‘I feel much calmer, much more relaxed about things.’

‘I feel like a helmet has been taken off my head. It feels so clear!’

‘After my session, I was able to tackle a whole lot of paperwork I had been putting off for months!’

‘Since I’ve been seeing you, I haven’t had any hot flushes.’

‘I can’t believe how much energy I have throughout the day.’

‘It’s like I have a new set of glasses on. My eyes feel so much better.’

‘My nightmares have stopped and I sleep so much better.’

‘I’ve never experienced anything like it. That was just wonderful.’

‘I had such a horrible headache when I came to see you, but now it’s gone!”

‘During the session, I felt like I was floating.’

‘I used to fall over several times a day. Not anymore. Whatever you did worked!’

‘I had the BEST night’s sleep in a very long time.’

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