Jin Shin Jyutsu IS the 26 Safety Energy Locks

26 Safety Energy Locks on The Body

The principles and KEYS of Jin Shin Jyutsu are as old as mankind, and as such, form part of our human make up. In ancient times, these were passed down orally from
generation to generation, but the Art fell into relative obscurity until it was dramatically revived by Master Jiro Murai in Japan over 100 years ago.

After healing himself of a terminal illness, he dedicated his life to studying how the energy pathways ‘flow’ through the body.

He rediscovered the unique system of 26 KEY ‘energy sites’ on the body called ‘Safety Energy Locks’ and by using them, learnt how to balance and correct any energy pathways that were compromised. He called this Jin Shin Jyutsu: The Art of The Creator through Compassionate Man. 

The Art was introduced to the West in the 1960s by one of Master Murai’s most dedicated students, Mary Burmeister. 

There are two aspects to Jin Shin Jyutsu which sets it apart from many modalities: it can be applied by a trained practitioner and also learnt as self help.

Innate to each one of us, it is what makes Jin Shin Jyutsu so marvellous. Babies and children inherently know this when they suck their thumb and fingers: by doing so they help boost their energies and bring balance to their whole being.

What are Safety Energy Locks?

These are 26 ‘energy sites’ – concentrated spheres of energy which are located on the right side of the body, and 26 located in the same places on the left side of the body.

Why are there 26 Safety Energy Locks?

Each number, from 1 to 26 came into the universe with a definite individual meaning and purpose. 26 means COMPLETE.

How do we use them?

Two sites are held simultaneously until the tension or congestion is released. Then one hand moves to another site and along areas of the body where there is tension. The specific sequences used are called ‘flows’. Each site can take seconds to minutes to release and re-energise.

An introduction…

For an introduction why not try out my self paced Jin Shin Jyutsu mini eCourse that comes with a series of 13 short videos explaining everything above and more.