(Re Post Hold Middle Finger For Anger) i know i will be using this alot! i have been feeling angry alot lately, for no reason at all, and i have anxieties, its just crazy, so i came across this jsj in care2care, and a woman uses it to help her, i thought, omy goodness!! i don’t like the idea of taking meds for depression and all these crazy things, sooo i’ve come off of most of them, {they were overmedicating me} so i’ve been looking for a natural way of dealing with things. i really do like how you’ve explained everything out! i’ve been glued to your blog all morning **grin** thank you so much!! ~Medo

Thanks for this comment. I really appreciate the feedback and glad that you’ve discovered the power of holding the fingers. So simple yet so easy. And the effect of holding is cumulative, the more you hold, the more is cleaned. Very Happy – SMILE