Jin Shin Jyutsu for Knee Pain

Jin Shin Jyutsu for Knee Pain

Very often I get asked, is there a self help hold to help with knee pain or discomfort? Now, there are many reasons why we might suffer occasionally from this. The good news is that there are some simple Jin Shin Jyutsu holds for knee pain that I share below. They will help ease the stress and keep the energy moving through the knees.

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A look at the knee

In the knee, you find the largest joint in the body. Not surprisingly, as it has to carry our weight when we stand or walk.

It is a complex structure which includes bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage, so there is a lot that can go ‘wrong’ in this area. Pain can come on suddenly, or it can develop over time due to tension and stress.

In my experience, when I develop a sudden pain in my knee it is often after wearing inadequate shoes. By that I mean, shoes that are too tight or that make me walk incorrectly.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Exercises for Knee Pain

Mary Burmeister in one of her self help books says that the middle fingers help release tension and stress in the knees.

All you need to do is wrap your right hand around the left middle finger, relax the hands, and hold for a few minutes or until there is relief. Then you can also do the other side. Wrap your left hand around the right middle finger, relax the hands and hold.

This is one of the simplest ways that we can use our fingers to help us in with to help us with everyday practical issues. The fingers are truly amazing!

Hold the upper arms

The next exercise also helps release stress and tension in the knees. It is a Jin Shin Jyutsu self help hold that I have mentioned before where we work with the upper arms. Holding the upper arms helps recharge SEL 10 which is on the back and in many cases rather difficult to get to if you have tension in that area. Safety Energy Lock 10 is fabulous to help us breathe and is also great for the knees.

For this exercise, simply cross the arms. Place the right hand on the left upper arm, and place the left hand on the right upper arm. Relax the hands and hold.

Hold the groins

Another Jin Shin Jyutsu hold that I talk about often is to place the hands on the groins (the area where the torso meets the top of the thigh) at SEL 15. This energy site, or Safety Energy Lock as we call them in Jin Shin Jyutsu, aids in keeping the hipline open so that the energy can move down the legs.

Just place the left hand on the left groin at SEL 15 and place the right hand on right SEL 15. Relax the hands and hold. You can do this while sitting or lying down. I find it very nice to do before I go to sleep; chances are it will help you fall asleep!

When I practice Jin Shin Jyutsu I like to sit or lie quietly, close my eyes, and hold. You can put on some nice relaxing music if you like. No effort is needed!

If you need more Jin Shin Jyutsu help with knee pain

There are many ways, many flows we can employ in Jin Shin Jyutsu to help the knees. If you suffer from knee discomfort, you might consider an online Jin Shin Jyutsu session with me. For more information on that, please see Online Sessions with Astrid.

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