QA How Long Do I Hold My Jin Shin Fingers For?

How Long Do I Hold My Fingers For?


Hello I am a user of Jin Shin Jyutsu holds. I would like to know how long do I hold my fingers for and how many times in a day. Thanks for your reply to my query.


It seems quite extraordinary that we can regenerate the mind and body just by holding a thumb or a finger. However, this is the basis of Self Help in Jin Shin Jyutsu.

We can harmonize worry if we hold either thumb, or fear and anxiety if we hold either index finger. We can continue by holding the middle finger which eases anger within us, or we can hold the ring finger to relieve us of deep sadness. And then we can hold the little or pinkie finger to relieve ourselves of that feeling of efforting during our daily living.

The more you hold your fingers the more of a cumulative ‘cleaning’ and regenerative effect there is. Hold your thumb or fingers whenever your hands are free – while watching a movie, while waiting for a bus etc.

Time fades away with Jin Shin Fingers…

For instance, you will definitely notice the effects of holding a finger or one of your thumbs for an hour if you close your eyes and sit or lie quietly…. I like to do this with the thumb – it becomes quite a powerful meditation.

Or you could hold each finger for five minutes each – that’s 50 minutes – what you could do is put on some chill out music and change the finger when the track changes, then you don’t have to watch the clock. If you feel particularly relaxed or fall asleep, don’t worry! It just means that your body is going through a deep harmonization. There are no ‘shoulds’ – just go with the flow!

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