Jin Shin Jyutsu Finger Method: The Power of Holding the Thumbs and Fingers

Jin Shin Jyutsu Hand

Many talk about the Jin Shin Jyutsu Finger Method. But what is it? And how come I can feel better when I hold one of my thumbs or fingers? When I have a tummy ache I hold one of my thumbs. Within seconds to minutes, my tummy ache is gone. When I feel that my muscles…

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Comment: Middle Finger for Anger WORKS

(Re Post Hold Middle Finger For Anger) i know i will be using this alot! i have been feeling angry alot lately, for no reason at all, and i have anxieties, its just crazy, so i came across this jsj in care2care, and a woman uses it to help her, i thought, omy goodness!! i…

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