self help and the fear of disease

Self Help and The Fear of Disease

Our world thrives on Big Labels.

What’s a Big Label?

My simple way of putting it is: anything that we are told we have that causes us FEAR. A headache is a ‘small label’ – which we can ‘fix’ quite quickly in most cases. But cancer for instance,  is a ‘big label’ which generates a lot of FEAR. And there are many, many labels that have the same effect.

‘Labels’ are the effects of our mind and body being in disharmony (over a short, read: acute or long, read: chronic) period of time. There is no right or wrong with this. It is just the way IT IS. We do the best we can with the awareness we have at the time.

And that is where the awareness of this ancient art comes into its own. As we become more aware of our body, what we put into it and how we treat it – we become aware that disharmony is not necessarily a permanent state of being.

Disharmony can be changed to harmony.

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