Quick Exercise for Fast Stress Release

Quick Exercise for Fast Stress Release

In our fast paced, modern day-to-day world, we can sometimes get stressed very quickly. So here is a quick exercise for fast stress release.

When we feel stress, our bodies react to a perceived ’emergency’. This is our fight or flight response mechanism. The same one our ancestors used when they went out hunting, and protected them from being mauled by a beast.

Because when the ‘fear center’ in the brain is activated this causes a whole lot of changes in the body, like increased heart rate and increased blood flow to the muscles in the arms and legs (so you can fight or run!). This increased blood flow to other parts of the body means that there can also be a sudden, decreased flow of blood to the head, and it can make you feel unwell.

Not only that, it can paralyse your ability to think, concentrate or do anything with your brain.

Get stress relief

So in the video below I show you an exercise for fast stress release to help bring the blood back into the head, and it’s really simple.

Place your fingers on your forehead.

Take your thumbs and place them on the temples next to your eyes.

Then breathe in and out for a few seconds.

Just keep breathing slowly.

As the blood comes back into your brain, you should feel calmer and better able to think again.

So quick and easy you can do this anywhere, anytime. I hope it works for you!

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