Ear Infections

Ear Infections


Hi, is there any Jin Shin Jyutsu you can suggest for a 16 month old boy who gets regular ear infections (otitis) which are causing him a lot of pain and distress? Because there is pus in his ear his paediatrician has prescribed antibiotics but his parents would prefer a more natural way of treating him. I’ve taken one 5-day Jin Shin Jyutsu basic seminar and looked in my notes but couldn’t find anything specifically for ear infections in young children.

I enjoy your blog and find it very useful. I’d be grateful for anything you can recommend. Thank you.


Thanks for sending your Question. From Jin Shin Jyutsu Text 1, give him a 13 FLOW. There is only one side to this flow (sit on the right hand side of him). This beautiful flow helps the ears.

Combine it with the Umbilicus Flow from Jin Shin Jyutsu Text 2.

Ear infections are most prominent in 0-3 years of age. Apply these two flows to harmonise the energy and the ear infections should be a thing of the past.

Since he is so young don’t give him the two flows at once. Do 20 minutes to start with (maybe less, but take your cue from the boy – when he has had enough he will let you know by wriggling away or becoming fidgety), and work up to 20 minutes twice a day – 13 flow first then Umbilicus or vice versa.

Please let me know how you get on! – AK

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