The Flow for Forgiveness

The Flow for Forgiveness

As I was practising the 13 Flow I thought about the meaning of the Safety Energy Lock: Love Mine Enemies. I looked at my notes and yes, my suspicions were confirmed: this is THE flow for forgiveness.

The thing is, when 13 is in harmony we are so full of love and compassion that forgiveness just FLOWS.

If you have been on a five-day Jin Shin Jyutsu seminar course, then 13 Flow is found in Text 1 on page 28 (2+8=10=abundance).

When 13 is in harmony, we are able to forgive ourselves, our parents and others. And we experience FREEDOM because we are so full of love and compassion.

13 also helps the ears and the large intestine – so if you suffer from tinnitus 13 Flow is a good one. 13 flow is also called the pregnancy flow, but more on that another time!

jin shin jyutsu holds 13 and 19

Self help to harmonise Safety Energy Lock 13: hold the index fingers and then the little fingers. SEL 13 is found on the third rib down from the clavicle (left and right sides).

To clear SEL 13 you can also hold High 19s – cross your arms and place the hands on the upper arms. (see diagram above)

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