Jin Shin Jyutsu self help to lose weight

Nowadays we have access to so many different foods. Supermarkets tempt us with scrumptious sugary offers with many ‘treats’ coming in super sizes. Even coffee is now available in cups that look like soup bowls! But no need to panic because below I share six tips to look and feel better as well as some Jin Shin Jyutsu self help to lose weight.

I believe the body is incredibly clever and as I’ve often said, it can draw fuel even from a Mars bar. However, if you only feed the body Mars bars, then things will eventually get out of balance.

I think most of us have come to the realization that how we look and feel largely depends on what, as well as how much we eat and drink . Over the years, I have tried and tested all sorts of ways to keep my weight under control, as well as keeping my body healthy and strong.

Six tips to look better, be fitter and lose weight

So, anyway, here are six of my tried and tested ways to help you look and feel better, get fitter and at the same time lose weight. You might have come across all of these before, so just take what resonates with you.

1. Detoxify

Detoxify the body of chemicals (see my post on detoxifying here). There are chemicals we use on our bodies, in our house, in our environment.

2. Alkalize

When the body is highly acidic there is more likelihood of inflammation and discomfort.

Alkalize the body by avoiding highly acidic foods like meat, dairy, processed foods, sugar, refined flour, and drinks like alcohol, and fizzy drinks, for instance. There are many lists online

Make sure you are hydrated – so drink enough water for your weight. Typically a person who weighs 140 lbs should be drinking 2 litres of water per day. Someone who weighs more should drink a bit more. Drinking tea and coffee does not count because these are caffeinated beverages that act as diuretics, meaning they take more water out of the body.

Self Help Hold to balance acidity in the body

Here’s a Jin Shin Jyutsu self help hold to balance acidity in the body:
Place the right hand over the left shoulder, and place the left fingers on the base of the thumb of the left hand. Reverse the hands for the other side.

3. Choose how to eat

When I have breakfast, I have found that a key to weight loss is to have it within half an hour (and at a stretch no longer than an hour) of getting up in the morning. A high protein breakfast will keep you going until lunchtime and possibly beyond.

Other ways of eating you might want to consider:
a. Eating for your Ayurvedic type (Dosha)
b. Intermittent fasting (where you don’t eat between 7 pm and 11 am – so 16 hours)
c. Food combining diet (where you don’t mix carbohydrates and proteins)

4. Eliminate heavy metals

It’s important to eliminate heavy metals from the body, and there are a couple of foods that I find very useful to do this. One is the herb Cilantro or Coriander. I’ve read stories where including a few FRESH leaves of this herb every day for three weeks will really clean out those heavy metals. Turmeric has been taking centre stage for a while. It’s active ingredient Curcumin has been scientifically proven to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

5. Exercise (moderately)

Moderate exercise has to be included because exercise means movement and the body loves movement. Not only that, exercise moves the lymph, and that helps the body clean itself. It can be 10 minutes a day, but at least 4 hours a week apparently is incredibly beneficial (see post DIY Health Revolution by Dr Vincent Li).

Sitting at the computer all day has been shown to increase the chances of all sorts of nasties like heart disease and stroke. Get up and shake. What? Yes, you read it correctly. Shake. Stand in one position, feet comfortably apart, keep your feet on the ground throughout, and gently shake your body up and down as if on a trampoline (see the video below).

It’s a great way to release tension in the body and get everything moving. Otherwise, a short walk every day is good too. Anything to get the body moving!

6. Jin Shin Jyutsu self help holds to lose weight and take fatigue out of the body


My favourite self help holds to lose weight and stay fit! I have used these holds many times.

The exercise for weight loss (or gain):
Hold RIGHT Cheekbone to LOSE weight
Hold LEFT Cheekbone to GAIN weight

If you can’t remember which is which, hold both sides and the body will adjust itself to your personal needs. Yes, the body IS that clever.

After 20 minutes of holding my cheekbones, my mind feels clearer and freer, as I let go not only of physical weight but mental and emotional weight too.

The exercise to stay fit and toned (and take fatigue out of the body)

Sit on hands (palms up)
Left Hand on Left Sitting Bone
Right Hand on Right Sitting Bone

When I sit on my hands for twenty minutes, I am not only getting my body fit, but this exercise releases lactic acid from the muscles (especially good after a work out so that the muscles don’t feel sore the day after) and alleviates fatigue. This exercise also tones the bottom and buttocks.

It’s a lovely exercise to dedicate a half hour to if you can. It’ll change your day!

I suggest 20 minutes minimum a day per exercise as a guide, but if you feel like doing more (i.e. more often, or longer), please do.

If you have a medical condition

Please note! If you suffer from any chronic or acute condition then it’s a good idea to introduce changes slowly, so as to give the body time to adapt! The key is to listen to your body and take note of the signals it gives you. Many times when you start ‘cleaning out’ the body goes into a bit of what therapists refer to as a ‘healing crisis’. So if you love your coffee and you drink 2 or more cups a day, then best to reduce the amount of cups you drink in stages until you have some days where you don’t drink any (I know, it’s hard – I love my coffee too). But you get the idea.

See the VIDEO below with the shaking and self help holds explained:

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