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Suggestions for Weight Loss


What holds do you suggest for weight loss? I am not fitting in to my summer clothes despite going to the gym five days a week.


There are two energy sites on the body (well actually four if you count the right and left side) that help with weight loss.

The first one is energy site number 21 which is right under the cheeckbone on the face. Hold the RIGHT side of the face just under the cheeckbone (near the nose) for weight LOSS, hold the LEFT side of face on the cheeckbone for weight GAIN. If you forget which side is which, hold both sides and the body will adjust itself to what it needs.

The other energy site is on the sitting bone (number 25). Sit on your hands to stay fit, to take lactic acid out of the muscles after exercising and to lose volume from the hip and thigh area.

See a more extensive description: Magic Exercise to Stay FIT

Use these two energy exercises along with your gym workouts, drink lots of water and in two weeks you will notice the difference!

Let me know how it goes!

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