Difficulty Breathing


My mum has been in hospital with difficulty breathing due to fluid on the lungs caused by an irregular heartbeat (well I think that’s what it was – doctors not very specific on cause), she also picked up a Urinary Tract Infection which is now under control. She’s at home now and while progressing I’d like to do as much as I can to give her the best quality of life.

I’ve had the Jin Shin Jyutsu book – The Touch of Healing for some time and something moved me to get it out and have a read through it again. I’ve started doing the finger holds each day but would really appreciate your suggestions to strenghthen the heart and reduce fluid on the lungs. Also anything specific to help the breathing.

Thank you so much for your very informative blog on Jin Shin Jyutsu – it’s such a beautiful gentle process. – JF


Dear JF

Holding the fingers is a GREAT start! You are helping your mother tremendously by holding them. Chapter 3 in The Touch of Healing talks about the Trinity Flows: The Main Central, Supervisors and Mediator. Supervisors are very easy and very powerful.

See another post here for The Jin Shin Jyutsu Trinity Flows.

Holding Opposite Fingers and Toes for Total Harmony

Towards the end of the book, there is a chapter called Harmonising with the Fingers and Toes. Go to Palms and Soles: Revitalising the Entire Being. Read through that whole section and especially the thumbs and opposite little toes – this sequence is for difficulty breathing and irregular heartbeat.

The whole harmonising exercise is quite simple to do on another person: sit on the right side of your mother (make sure you are comfortable and relaxed), and with your left hand, hold her left thumb. With your right hand, hold her right little toe.

Hold for a few minutes, until you feel a ryhthmic pulse that might start banging quite loudly for a while. Let it settle down, then move onto the next finger and toe. With your left hand, hold the left index finger, and with your right hand hold right ring toe. Hold for a few minutes. Then move onto the middle finger and opposite middle toe, then to the ring finger and opposite index toe, then to the little finger and opposite big toe.

You could do each finger and toe for 5 minutes each on one side which is 25 minutes (as a guide use the pulse as well!) and then sit on the left side and reverse the hands. This exercise is very powerful and it is such a gift to receive it, especially because it’s not that comfortable to do as self help!

So I hope this is helpful. If you have any further questions or doubts just send me an email.

Finally, if there is ANY pain during this exercise that lasts more than a few seconds, then STOP what you are doing and go to the PAIN HOLD until it clears – PAIN is a good sign that the energy is moving – but there’s no reason to have to suffer unduly!

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