The Jin Shin Jyutsu Trinity

The Jin Shin Jyutsu Trinity

The ‘Trinity’ in Jin Shin Jyutsu is made up of the Main Central Function – Source of Life, the Supervisors (left and right energy), and the Mediator (which harmonises the crossing energies from left to right and vice versa). The Trinity is a truly powerful combination of exercises as it addresses everything and helps everything on every level. Do all three exercises, or just one at a time.

The Exercises of the Trinity

Link to Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy – Source of Life

Self help for Harmonising Left and Right Supervisors: (right flow) Place left hand on right shoulder (SEL11&3) and right hand on right groin (SEL 15) then after a few minutes, move the right hand and hold the right buttock (SEL 25). Reverse the hands for the LEFT flow.

Self help for Harmonising Mediator: (to harmonise the left side energy) Place the left thumb over the left ring fingernail to make a circle and place the right hand over the left shoulder (over SEL 11&3). At the same time, bring the knees together. Mary said in Self Help book 1:  The Mediator energy is the cause for disharmony in the body. It is vitally important to keep this energy functioning properly for the total supply of energy to the whole man.

If you’ve been on the 5-day Jin Shin Jyutsu seminar and have Text 1 and Text 2, then you’ll find the Main Central on page 37, the Supervisors on pages 50 and 51, and the Mediator on page 53 – all in text 1.

The Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help books by Mary Burmeister can be ordered from Jin Shin Jyutsu Inc in Scottsdale, Arizona. They can also tell you where to order books in other languages, and give you information on the various courses available in your area.

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