Natural Pain Relief Using the Hands with Jin Shin Jyutsu

The title of this post might sound rather far fetched to some, especially If you are new to the Universal Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. But I, and thousands of people around the world can testify that using your hands on your body in certain ways can, and does bring Natural Pain Relief.

In fact, there is a special energy function that we learn about in the Jin Shin Jyutsu classes for Pain Relief. It is one hold, very simple and very effective.

However, it is a useful self help hold that can be used to ease many issues.

My Personal Painkiller and…

I call this hold my personal painkiller. As if that weren’t enough, this hold is helpful in clearing inflammatory conditions in the body.

Helps the Deep Energies in the Body

The Pain Relief hold helps the deep energies in the body, so it also helps soothe and ease the body if it’s very tense or stiff.

I remember giving a client with cancer her weekly JSJ treatment. I spent the whole hour just doing the pain relief hold. The results were surprising.

She went into a very deep state of relaxation and PEACE. It was very obvious that she was completely at peace, and she looked very beautiful in that state.

As an Anaesthetic

I have also, much to my surprise used this Pain Relief hold as an anaesthetic. As I waited for the dentist to see me, I did this hold (for about 20 minutes). Then, when I was in the chair, the dentist brought out an enormous needle. I looked at him and said: “What are you planning to do with THAT?” He said: “You’re going to need an anaesthetic for this procedure.”

Flows For Life Natural Pain Relief Using the Hands with Jin Shin Jyutsu

No Pain or Discomfort 

Much to HIS surprise, I refused the anaesthetic, but he accepted my choice. While he was working on my mouth, I held my INDEX finger (Index finger helps the teeth). Throughout, I did not feel any pain or discomfort. In fact, I didn’t feel any discomfort at all. It was a few hours later that my mouth started throbbing a bit when the effect of my Natural Pain Relief hold wore off.  It was just as if I had had an anaesthetic.

NOTE: I highly recommend that you follow your dentist’s advice during dental procedures. The story above is only to illustrate what this hold can do if applied, but I take no responsibility for guaranteeing its effects or outcome. You have to be your own testimony to see what works and what doesn’t. Same goes for seeing a medical doctor if pain persists.

So here is the Natural Pain Relief hold again for you to use with ‘humility and awe’.

The Pain Relief Exercise

Place the right hand on the inside of your left heel (under the ankle bone). Place the left hand on the outside of the left heel (under the ankle bone). For the other side, place the right hand (again) on the inside of the right heel (under the ankle bone). Place the left hand (again) on the outside of the left heel (under the ankle bone).

I have also used this hold in acute situations, for instance, when someone just came out of surgery. My experience in that particular situation showed me that it acted like a shot of morphine.

But remember, as Mary Burmeister says: ‘Be your own testimony’

I would say to you: “Experiment with this Natural Pain Relief hold and let me know if it works for you!”

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