Jin Shin Jyutsu Relief for Sinus Pain and Congestion

Pain like no other

There is no pain worse than a real honest to goodness sinus headache. If you suffer from this then here I offer some self help Jin Shin Jyutsu relief for sinus pain and congestion.

Flows for Life Jin Shin Jyutsu Relief Sinus Pain

I remember my experience of sinus pain very clearly. It was a few years ago now, but it was thanks to some Jin Shin Jyutsu holds and salt water that I was able to clear the excruciating discomfort. 

First, a saline solution

The salt water bit might not be very  ‘appetizing’, but I liken it to taking a plunge in the ocean. What I did was the following: I added a bit of natural sea salt in lukewarm water (not from the tap). I inhaled some water, one nostril at a time and a little at a time. The idea is that the salt water, in essence a saline solution, helps drain the sinuses. No need to overdo it, leave it for a while and then try again after a few minutes. Of course, STOP if you don’t get any relief or if the pain gets worse. 

Flows For Life Jin Shin Jyutsu Relief Sinus Pain and congestion

Using a saline solution is a great way to clean the nasal passages and relieve a stuffy nose as well as prevent sinus infections.  Another method to clear the sinuses with salt water (saline):

Hold your head over the sink or get in the shower. Then tilt your head to the right. Then pour the saline solution into the left nostril (the solution should pour out your right nostril). Repeat on the other side. Adjust your head position if water is going down the back of your throat. (from Healthline.com)

Then, a Jin Shin Jyutsu sequence

There are also, of course, some dynamic  Jin Shin Jyutsu holds for pain relief of sinus congestion.

Start by placing the left hand hand over the left shoulder and the right hand over the right shoulder so that the fingers rest on Safety Energy Lock 3. This energy site or ‘SEL’, is located between the top of the shoulder blade and the spine, both on the left and right sides. 

Flows For Life Jin Shin Jyutsu Relief Sinus Pain and congestion

Then, place the left hand on the left base of skull at SEL 4 and place the right fingers on your forehead above your right eyebrow at SEL 20. Hold for 2-3 minutes.

Then, place the right fingers on your right eyebrow. Hold for 2-3 minutes.

Then, place the right fingers on your right cheek bone, close to your nose at SEL 21. A few minutes after that, move the right fingers to the base of your right collarbone, close to the sternum at SEL 22.

In my experience, this helps to clear the right side of the head. To help clear the left side, reverse the hands. So right hand goes on the base of right skull, and left hand goes to the left forehead, eyebrow, then left cheekbone and left collarbone.

Here’s a video with some more self help holds for Sinus Pain and Congestion:

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