Jin Shin Jyutsu seminar with Jed

This unprecedented time of change provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with each other virtually. In this Jin Shin Jyutsu practice and meditation with Jed Schwartz we find out how we can manage these difficult times.

About Jed Schwartz

In 1999, I enrolled on my first magnificent Jin Shin Jyutsu seminar with Jed Schwartz in Eastleigh, England. Previously a Physical Therapist specialising in pediatric rehabilitation, Jed began studying this Art with Mary Burmeister in 1981.

Flows For Life Jin Shin Jyutsu Practice Jed Schwartz

He has worked exclusively with Jin Shin Jyutsu since 1987. He joined the faculty of Jin Shin Jyutsu Inc in 1995. Since then he has taught Jin Shin Jyutsu classes throughout North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He also has a full time JSJ practice in New York, where he lives.

The following is an excerpt from the We Are ONE Series: Jin Shin Jyutsu practice and meditation with Jed Schwartz – I have edited the text slightly for easy reading. See the video below for the full practice and meditation.


Jed says: “This quote by Mary Burmeister really conveys what our possibilities are. If you’ve never experienced the power that lies within you then it would be hard to imagine that we could change our lives. However, our outer and inner worlds don’t have to be the same no matter what’s going on outside.

We can maintain a place of equanimity, of peace and balance within. This is true power. As Mary says, this is truly knowing and helping MYSELF. And if I can help myself then the truth is that I can help the people around me.

It’s all about energy, vibration

The work that we’re all doing now within this session not only helps ourself but also helps others around the world. We’re working with energy, with vibration. When our vibration is high, when we are connected to our higher self, the suffering that most people experience disappears.

If we maintain a very high frequency life is different. The highest frequency that we can connect to is the Creator. We can experience that through light, and through the breath.

The more we resonate with this energy, this frequency and we let it to flow through us, the more we lift our physical vibration up to the level of our soul, the Divine. Here there is no dis-ease, no suffering.

That is our possibility. That is our potential.

Many people think that only special people can arrive at that state but that’s an illusion. We all have the capability when we go deep enough into the Now Know MYSELF. This is where the place of healing and harmony resides, where there is no suffering.

Our job in life is to understand how we can change ourselves.

How we can lift ourselves up. Sometimes we lift ourselves up with a great experience and then we may forget it and we go back down.

We have to clean house every day.

So we always have to reconnect, we have to work on ourselves every day.

We talk about self help as a daily exercise that we can use to keep our house clean.”

The exercise

In this Jin Shin Jyutsu practice, Jed shows us a mudra, a finger pose.

To practice this exercise, sit comfortably, with a straight back. Place the feet on the floor. Close your eyes.

Flows For Life Jin Shin Jyutsu Practice Jed Shwartz

Interlock all your fingers together. Raise both middle fingers straight up. Place your right thumb over the left thumb (see image).

This mudra helps us connect to spirit. It helps release tension and stress from the head, lungs, digestive functions, abdomen and legs. It helps us to exhale and let go.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Practice and Meditation with Jed Schwartz

The practice and meditation starts at 8:35 minutes in the video. Enjoy!

Thank you to Jed Schwartz and the International Jin Shin Jyutsu Faculty at JSJ.Inc for enabling us to connect and practice this Universal Art together!

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