Dynamic energy flow to boost circulation in the legs

Jin Shin Jyutsu to boost leg circulation

More than ever, we are sitting for long hours, and that really affects the circulation in our legs. I know how easy it is to get absorbed in a project (like writing this blog post for instance). Before you know it a couple of hours have passed without getting up and moving around. However, one of the things that can help is this Jin Shin Jyutsu flow to increase leg circulation.

Watch the video and practice along in real time

How does this Jin Shin Jyutsu flow help leg circulation?

When we practice this flow we employ certain energy sites, or Safety Energy Locks (SEL) as we call them in Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Safety Energy Lock 15 is located on the left and right groin (the crease between the trunk and the top of the leg). It is particularly useful to help the energy move down (and up) the legs and feet. When we place the hands on SEL 15, we are also recharging other energy sites on the feet, so it is a really nice exercise to do at any time. Especially if you find it hard to get to your feet.

A nice and easy way to fall asleep for example, is to place the left hand on the left groin and the right hand on the right groin.

SEL 15 helps us exhale deeply. It is in the exhale that we get stuck the most, because the exhale is where we LET GO. When we exhale, we can RECEIVE the inhale, which is purified energy. Breathing properly is extremely important to our whole being of course, and Jin Shin Jyutsu helps us do that. See also this important exercise to balance the breathing.

The Jin Shin Jyutsu exercise for leg circulation

For the left side, working on the left leg (shown)

Place left hand on left groin at SEL 15,
bring up the left foot and
place right hand on left arch of foot at SEL 6 then

Exercise position 1

place right hand on left outside of knee at SEL 8 then
(you can hold over the top of the knee or under the knee – see image 3)

Exercise position 2

place left hand on left hip bone at SEL 2

Exercise position 3

For the right side, working on the right leg

Place right hand on right groin at SEL 15,
bring up the right foot and
place the left hand on right arch of foot at SEL 6 then
place left hand on right outside of knee at SEL 8 then
place right hand on right hip bone at SEL 2

If you are new to Jin Shin Jyutsu, you might like my Introductory eCourse. It’s a collection of 13 self paced videos with notes, packed with practical Jin Shin Jyutsu information, exercises and stories. A great place to start on your journey of self discovery!