I started seeing those zig zag lines

A while back as I sat at the computer, I started seeing those tell-tale zig zag lines. These are normally my warning signal that a migraine is on its way, so I immediately thought: time to practice my Jin Shin Jyutsu holds for headache and migraine.

The ‘gift’ of migraines

It reminded me how I found this universal Art in the first place: through the debilitating migraines that I used to suffer.

1st: the base of the thumb (SEL 18)

I immediately closed my eyes and held the base of the thumb – in this case, that didn’t do too much immediately, so I went to the outside of my heel bones (just under the ankles).

2nd: outside of heel bones (SEL 16)

I placed my left fingers on the outside of the right heel bone (under the ankle), and the right fingers on the inside of the right heel bone.

That ‘opened up’ the zig zag lightning bolt I could see in one eye…then I went back to the base of the thumb (placed right fingers lightly on the left one).

3rd: sore areas on the head

I also held the back of the head – I found the places on the skull that were sore by applying a bit of pressure, then relaxed the hands and held for a while until there was a strong pulse. Then I waited for it to settle down. If you don’t feel a pulse, do not worry. Just hold for a few minutes.

Note: What I also do sometimes is I find the area of discomfort on the head and then, at the same time, I hold the outside of the heel on the same side as the head. So say the pain is on the left side of the head. I place my left fingers there, and I place my right fingers on the outside of the left heel bone. Then I wait until I get a steady pulsation in both sets of fingers. Or I hold until the pain in the head has eased or gone.

4th: back to the outside of the heel bones

Then I went back to the outside of the heels.

All gone!

Within 20 minutes it was all gone, and I went back to the computer. Isn’t it great to be able to manage pain and discomfort so quickly and easily when we know how?

Flows For Life Jin Shin Jyutsu Clear Headache

Moving the energy

The ‘trick’ is to learn to move the energy where it is stuck. Headaches are very good examples of this. Very often, if you go to the feet and toes you can help clear a headache. Going to the area furthest away from the head gets the energy moving!

This is because our body is connected from head to toe and toe to head by a complex and incredibly intelligent system of energy pathways. I see these energy pathways, for instance, as a system of super highways, arterial roads and smaller local roads. Equally, if there is too much traffic on the road, the flow can be interrupted and everything gets stuck!

Another quick tip for headaches is to hold the big toes at the first sign of discomfort or tension. You might be able to clear the head before any headache or migraine gets going.

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