Self Help Hold to Relieve Headaches

Quick and effective relief for headaches

Over the years, I have used this self help hold to relieve headaches many, many times. The neat thing is that you can do it anytime, anywhere, even when you’re in a meeting! It’s also great for clearing head fog and when you’re feeling a little sleepy (usually after lunch!).

Flows For Life Self Help to relieve Headache

At the first sign of a tension headache I place my fingers on the base of my thumb, palm side. Then I relax the hands. I usually start by placing the right fingers on the palm side of the base of the thumb, on the left hand (see image). If the headache hasn’t completely gone within a few minutes, then I will do the other side.

Stay hydrated!

Sometimes, if a headache has taken hold, I realise that my body is telling me that I’m dehydrated. So the first thing I do is drink a glass or two of water as well as practise the hold.

When you can’t shift a headache…

A few years ago I worked in a rather toxic office environment in the city. At the time, a colleague of mine came over to ask me something and she commented that she’d had a headache for days and that it wouldn’t shift. She’d taken over-the-counter painkillers, but nothing seemed to work.

So while I was talking to her about all sorts of other things, I showed her how to do the self help hold for headaches.

“It’s gone!” she said

She did this hold while we continued chatting. A couple of minutes later, she stopped dead in her tracks and exclaimed ‘It’s gone!’ as she realised she no longer had the headache.

It’s so cool

I always feel like smiling when this happens – it’s just so cool to see people’s expression of surprise. Believe me, after all these years, I am also still full of WONDER at the power and effectiveness of these self help holds.

Why does it work?

When you place your fingers on the energy site located on this part of the hand, it clears congestion in the head by moving the ‘run down’ energy from the back of the head down to the feet.

It doesn’t matter which side you choose to hold – hold until you feel relief!

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