Happy Easter with Jin Shin Jyutsu

Happy Easter

The easter bunny came today and the chocolate is waiting to be eaten.

Overindulgence of sweets requires a bit of Jin Shin Jyutsu Help.

To help the digestion, hold Safety Energy Lock 14 – (see the diagram of SELS in a previous post). SEL 14 is located on the last rib before the abdominal cavity. Cross your arms and place your fingers on either rib. SEL 14 is called Equilibrium and Sustenance.

Easter also reminds me of another Jin Shin Jyutsu Hold: to keep breathing out, letting go and to ‘Love Mine Enemies’ – that is the name of Safety Energy Lock 13. It is located on the 3rd rib down from the clavicle (the shoulder-blades) and to either side of the sternum.

All 26 Safety Energy Locks (SELS) have a name and specific functions on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

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