Breathing Deeply

Breathing Deeply with Jin Shin Jyutsu

Feeling tight or heavy in the chest?

So many times lately, I have felt heaviness in my chest.

It’s like a tension, a tightness. Emotionally, there has been sorrow as well.

With the help of a wonderful therapist, I have been able to look at the emotional issues surrounding this feeling.

I also remember that there is a wonderfully simple Jin Shin Jyutsu hold to clear the chest area and deepen the breathing (all Jin Shin Jyutsu holds will harmonise the breathing) and release anxieties and tension.

The hold is part of the Main Central Source of Life.

Place your right hand on the top of your head, and the left fingers on the sternum between the breasts, or you can place the left fingers a bit higher up (where ever it feels sore is a good indication of where to hold!).

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