DIY Health Revolution with Dr Vincent Li

Health Revolution TED Talk

This is an excellent TED Talk (video below) by Dr Vincent Li from the Angiogenesis Foundation on how to start your own DIY Health Revolution – giving practical advice, backed up by scientific evidence.

Flows For Life Health Revolution Dr William Li

It’s not the first time I have heard a doctor say that ‘what we provide is sick care, not health care’. In the video, Dr Vincent Li suggests that ‘health care’ is perhaps what people should be doing in between their doctor visits.

In the Western world, we have seen a huge increase in obesity, diabetes and cancer, to name a few. But how do people in other places like Okinawa or Sardinia live to be 100 years or more with low to no rates of say, cancer, Alzheimers or obesity among their population? The answer does not lie in the pharmaceuticals, or hospitals or even doctors.

Flows for Life Health Revolution Dr William Li

What can you do yourself?

The answer lies in what you can do yourself. DIY: Do It Yourself.

Dr Vincent Li explains what you can do to prevent disease and promote health, and it’s backed by scientific data – and the best news is: for most of us these things are relatively easy to do.

For instance, good quality sleep is really important. And it’s important to sleep enough, so seven hours minimum is a good start. And don’t read a tablet or digital device before bed because it suppresses the melatonin in the brain which then interferes with sleep patterns.

Electromagnetic Frequencies

I have to add to that: keep your bedroom as free as possible from EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies). Switch off the wifi at night, turn your smart phone off and keep it far away from the bedroom. Same goes for digital alarm clocks and any other devices I haven’t even thought about.

Watch Dr Vincent Li’s top ten list to start the DIY Health Revolution below:

Check out his brother, Dr William Li who proposes an interesting solution to cancer.

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