Jin Shin Jyutsu Case 6: Self Help for Women – PMS

PMS (Pre – and Post! – Menstrual Syndrome) – A sudden cramping in the pelvis is very uncomfortable and painful to say the least. I personally discovered how powerful this amazing Jin Shin Jyutsu hold is. One day when I was driving, a sudden and excruciating cramp came on. Luckily it was just as I stopped at a red light. My instinct told me to ‘sandwich’ my pelvis. Imagine my astonishment as within seconds, the pain and cramp subsided and by the time the light turned green, it had completely DISAPPEARED. I’ve never had pain like that again in the pelvic area. 

The self help hold is actually part of the dynamic Main Central Vertical (MCV) exercise. It’s the last position of the MCV: Left fingers/hand are placed just above the pubic bone (front of body) and right fingers/hand are placed under the coccyx/tailbone (right at the base of the spinal column) – see an older post on this blog for the full Main Central Vertical flow or follow the link above.

This hold is also good for heavy legs, poor circulation, cold feet and legs that ‘jump’.

Jin Shin Jyutsu physio-philosophy is an ancient Japanese healing art. Easy to learn the self help, easy and safe to use for every body from ages 0-100+. The Magic is in your hands.

Q&A: Jin Shin Jyutsu for Varicose Veins

Question: This hold (see Jin Shin Jyutsu Hold for PMS) has worked in my Menstrual cramping. Do you think that it will work with my Varicose veins? They are not bad but they will be if i dont do something about it. They are starting to show, and my legs hurt sometimes…. Thanks

Answer: The Jin Shin Jyutsu hold for PMS will definitely also work for Varicose Veins. Anything that moves the energy in the legs works. The key to the prevention of varicose veins are the 15s. SEL 15 is found in the groin on either side of the pubic bone. The pubis and Symphysis Pubis (the cartilage that fills the gap in the pelvic bones) also need to be kept ‘open’ – the 2 FLOW will help sort that out. Try the Power Hold: Hold left SEL 15 with left fingers and left SEL 6 with right fingers (SEL 6 is found on the arch of the foot) and reverse the hands for the other side. Have FUN!

Jin Shin Jyutsu First Aid #1: Pushes Energy IN

This first aid Jin Shin Jyutsu hold PUSHES THE ENERGY INWARDS for WOUND HEALING.

Just place your LEFT hand over your RIGHT hand and hold over the area affected – you don’t need to touch the skin if the wound is deep – just place your hands above it. It’ll work just the same!

Use this hold whenever you need to Keep Something In the Body, or to repair the body –

This hold closes cuts and heals wounds (I avoided stitches once when I cut my hand, and the scar today is hardly visible). Useful for heavy menstrual flow – just place your hands over the reproductive area. And also useful for healing scars.

Worst case scenario (but I’ve heard it works) – If there is an accident and the person has a large, gaping wound, then call the ambulance, and while you wait, place your hands in this position over the wound to keep everything intact in the body.