Jin Shin Jyutsu First Aid

A true Jin Shin Jyutsu first aid hold

The energy moves through our hands in a particular way and because of this, we are able to ‘manipulate’ it to help us heal wounds. This is what I call a true Jin Shin Jyutsu First Aid hold which pushes the energy IN to the body. This is an invaluable life skill that works magic in any situation.

Flows For Life Jin Shin Jyutsu First Aid Pushes Energy IN

How does it work?

When we place the left hand over the right hand, this creates a funnel of energy that goes INTO the body. So when we want to keep anything in the body, we can use this gem of a hold. We would want to do that if there was a deep cut or wound or to stop any bleeding.

This is Jin Shin Jyutsu at its best and a great hold to add to your first aid tool kit. Best thing is: all you need is your hands! Or someone else’s…


An easy way to remember which hand goes over which one is to think of “RIGHT IN”. Right hand is on the ‘inside’, and left hand is on the ‘outside’. Right hand INSIDE, pushes energy RIGHT IN!

Just place your LEFT hand over your RIGHT hand and hold over the area of the body that is affected – you don’t need to touch the skin if the wound is deep – place your hands above the body. It’ll work just the same!

Flows For Life Jin Shin Jyutsu First Aid Pushes Energy IN

When to use this Jin Shin Jyutsu First Aid Hold

Use this hold whenever you need to keep something in the body, to repair the body, or to stem bleeding.

Tried and tested

This hold closes cuts and heals wounds. Years ago, I avoided stitches when I accidentally cut into the palm of my hand. Although I was very lucky as I avoided major arteries, it was a deep cut. Interestingly, because the wound was on MY hand, I needed someone else to do the hold for me. Fortunately, I was with a friend, so I asked her to place her hands over my wound.

After a few seconds, I felt a whole lot of sizzling and heat going on in the area. It was also very soothing. The next day, I went to A&E (ER) as it looked pretty yukky, but they said it had healed too much to do anything about it. And I thought, well of course it has. Today, the scar is barely visible. A reminder, nevertheless, of the effectiveness of this incredible Jin Shin Jyutsu hold.

Other uses

This first aid hold is also useful for heavy menstrual flow – just place your hands over the reproductive area.

It can be used to heal scars.

Worst case scenario which I have not experienced but I’ve heard works: If there is an accident and the person has a large, gaping wound, while you wait for an ambulance, place left hand over right over the wound to keep everything intact in the body. You don’t have to touch the body.

If you forget which hand goes over which

When you first come across this it’s easy to forget, especially in the in the midst of an emergency, which hand goes over which hand. Well, no need to worry. Whichever hand you place on top it will help. This is because the body is clever enough to adjust itself and to use the energy favourably – but the result might not be as quick. That’s all. When this hold is used in the way described, it is the most EFFICIENT way for the body to speed up its repair.

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