My Jin Shin Jyutsu Story: Life Changing

The Jin Shin Jyutsu story of life changing proportions below is from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

It shows how integrating this gentle, yet powerful touch therapy with traditional medical practices and treatments can really change lives. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Ms. Anonymous writes:

After I learned how to pronounce Jin Shin Jyutsu correctly, I was so proud of myself and had to share the good news with all that asked about my health (I’d had chronic pain for many years).

Initially, they would be in awe that I had learned a martial art while in great pain! (smile)

When I explained to those that inquired, about fifty per cent thought it was some ‘far out’ eastern medicine thing and they would even roll their eyes (I was living in Japan at the time).

The other fifty per cent wanted me to show them self-help Jin Shin Jyutsu, some of the hand holds. I was more than happy to share!

As time went on, my mobility improved, my attitude and spirit lifted, and I lost 85 pounds!

I declared that I was a living, breathing testimony to Jin Shin Jyutsu. And there was no more rolling of the eyes!


The Pain Specialist Who Knew

A singular outstanding anaesthesiologist/pain specialist saw something behind the pain in my eyes. She saw a ‘spark’ of what it takes (a spirit, an attitude, a certain personality) and introduced me to the strength and power of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Did I mention that she also possesses great insight?

Meanwhile, we did have to continue with some of the standard Western procedures such as epidurals and RFA’s (Radio Frequency Ablation), but over time, as I became more adept at using self-help therapy with ongoing treatments with her, I blossomed!

Now, this is the reason, if you use my story, for it to be anonymous. Because I had gotten to the breaking point in my life just before this wonderful healer entered my life.

I had made the decision to seek out euthanasia as I saw a future of only continued and increasing pain. After all, I was already on morphine.

To this day I tell her as much as I can, how she influenced the transformation in me by using Jin Shin Jyutsu.

She always replies: “It was YOU who did it all!” But only because God placed her and Jin Shin Jyutsu in my way. She and I are miles apart now but Jin Shin Jyutsu keeps us as forever friends with something to always discuss….Jin Shin Jyutsu!


My Jin Shin Jyutsu Story: Body Pain

Annemarie’s Jin Shin Jyutsu Story began about eighteen months from writing this, when over a period of three weeks, all the muscles in her body started seizing up.


Annemarie writes:

“I was in constant, acute pain. I could hardly lift my arms up. Getting dressed was a lengthy and painful business. Moving around and walking was done very slowly.

In fact, any centenarian would have looked spritely compared to me! My whole body felt as though I was being stabbed constantly, or at least how I imagine it feels like to be stabbed.

I can put up with a fair bit of pain, so I did for months, hoping that it would pass.

Any amount of Ibuprofen and Paracetamol I took had virtually no effect and I flatly refused to see a doctor who would only have put me on stronger pain killers or worse, steroids…..none of which I would have taken anyway!

When I finally could not stand the pain any more, I decided to take action.

I had heard from a friend that what Astrid did was ‘amazing’, but this friend didn’t know how, why, or what it was.

When I discovered that she works with the natural flows of energy in the body, it helped my decision because, years ago, I had benefitted from a very similar treatment.

After my first treatment with Astrid, I was 50% ‘converted’. Something had certainly happened, although I was still in pain.

The session thereafter went something like this.

As I lay on the couch she says:
“Now, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most pain, what do you feel?”
My face screws up with excruciating agony. I moan through gritted teeth: “11”.
“Ah”, she says calmly, moves her hands to another hold and then says: “How about now?”
In total amazement and disbelief I reply: “Virtually nothing.”

After that treatment I became 100% converted and luckily never experienced an 11 out of 10 pain level again!

I realise now that a Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment is totally painless for ‘normal’ people.

Although it took a while for me to reach this point, I am now a very fine tuned engine!

Some simple self help exercises and a monthly Jin Shin Jyutsu MOT keep me fit and pain free.”

Annemarie G.
Wiltshire, England

Astrid’s notes on this case: 
I would like to clarify that I worked intensely with Annemarie over a period of about a year before we got to the no pain ‘maintenance’ phase. This was certainly no ‘quick fix’ case. She came to see me at least once a week, for a while twice a week to continue releasing especially the shoulders and managing pain – after all, there was much history on a physical, mental and emotional level to clear. Later on in the year, and when she felt she was ready for it, Annemarie also saw an osteopath. What her story illustrates is how her body reacted during the JSJ sessions. Happily, she stuck with the treatments and is now enjoying pain free gardening again.

Jin Shin Jyutsu First Aid for Pain Relief

jin shin jyutsu fast pain relief

I have experienced many incidents when I was able to manage and control pain in my body with Jin Shin Jyutsu holds. It constantly amazes me that knowing where to put the hands on the body can have such a dramatic and speedy effect!

This is one of my most dramatic and personal experiences of pain relief:

My father was in hospital and had just come out of surgery when I got to his bedside. The anaesthetic was wearing off and he was in much pain. His face was all contorted and he was hanging on for dear life to the side rails of his bed.

I went straight for his right foot. I placed my RIGHT fingers on the INSIDE of his RIGHT heel (below the ankle), and my LEFT fingers on the OUTSIDE of his RIGHT heel (below the ankle). I held, without any pressure, without any massage. (For the left foot, hold the inside of the heel with the right fingers and the outside of the heel with the left fingers – same as the right)

Within a few moments (literally) my father opened his eyes, exhaled, and said: ‘Yes, that’s definitely better.’ After a while I let the nurse take over with the morphine….

See the video of the self help hold for fast pain relief here:

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Hold for Pain

Whether it’s a light pain or a very intense pain, there is a special energy that takes care of the pain no matter where it is in the body. By placing the right fingers on the inside of the heel and the left fingers on the outside of the heel (just under the ankle bone) alleviates any kind of pain, from a pain in the toe to pain after surgery. I have seen it! It works –

Someone wrote me recently telling me about the miraculous effect of the ‘Pain Hold’:
‘….Because of the blocked veins she now has a deep wound in the right big toe. The nurse had been poking around in it because some bone is exposed. My friend was in great pain, and I applied the hold on the heel. After a while when we were talking her face lit up. ‘It is gone she wispered. The pain is gone!’

What a great story – Here is a link to an older post about Self Help for Pain Relief

Q&A: Self Help for Piles

Question: Hi Astrid, I’m very excited to have stumbled onto your website which is very interesting to me. I have a question though. My husband has had an operation to remove piles / hemorrhoids but pus still seems to be flowing out. I have tried your fast healing wound hold with my right hand over the left to remove all pus but as soon as I do this my hands get so hot and tingly. Am I doing this correctly as the pus does come out, and is there any other hold I could use. Thanks for a wonderful and informative web blog. – IW

Answer: Thanks for your comments and your question! What you are already doing is great – The Emergency Hold is removing the pus, and the pus is part of the healing process. The reason why your hands feel hot and tingly is because the hold is working! If you haven’t done a lot of this energy work before, then your energy is starting to also move and clear and that is what you are experiencing, apart from developing your natural healing power.

Self Help Hold for Piles
There is a hold that is particularly useful for hemorrhoids. Now that the piles have been removed the energy needs to be corrected, otherwise, the wounds will take longer to heal and they might form again. You can do this hold for your husband and he can also do it for himself if he is able to find a comfortable position.

This particular energy site is on the outside of the knees. If he does the exercise, he can place the left fingers on the left outside of the knee, and the right fingers on the right outside of the knee. If you do this exercise for him, then the easiest way is for him to lie face up on a bed or couch, you stand at his feet and place your left fingers on the outside of his right knee, and your right fingers on the outside of his left knee.

See this link to the older post: Self Help for Piles

I say in that post to curl the fingers under the ligament but since the energy sites are not points and more like spheres there is quite a large area that you can work with – either on the outside of the knee or by hooking your fingers under. – your hands will tell you when you’ve hit the bullseye! They’ll go all hot and tingly 😀

Other Helpful Holds
The last step of the Main Central Vertical (hold pubic bone and coccyx) would be particularly helpful to clear the energy through the hip area. The whole Main Central Vertical exercise as self help will be really useful as well.