Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Hold for Pain

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Hold for Pain

Whether it’s a light pain or a very intense pain, there is a special energy that takes care of the pain no matter where it is in the body. By placing the right fingers on the inside of the heel and the left fingers on the outside of the heel (just under the ankle bone) alleviates any kind of pain, from a pain in the toe to pain after surgery. I have seen it! It works –

A testimonial of how the JSJ hold worked

I received the following message from someone telling me about the miraculous effect of the ‘Pain Hold’:
‘….Because of the blocked veins she now has a deep wound in the right big toe. The nurse had been poking around in it because some bone is exposed. My friend was in great pain, and I applied the hold on the heel. After a while when we were talking her face lit up. “It is gone she whispered. The pain is gone!”

What a great story!

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