When is there DIS-EASE

We humans are complex beings.

And it is only natural that as part of our journey in this body and on this planet earth we should experience the five attitudes of WORRY, FEAR, ANGER, SADNESS and TRYING TOs every once in a while. However, when we constantly find ourselves REACTING to the world around us, then we know that we need some MEDIATOR help.

The Jin Shin Jyutsu MEDIATOR (which is the energy that crosses the body and connects the right side energy to the left side and vice versa) is one of the TRINITY FLOWS responsible for keeping us energised and in harmony.

Experiencing WORRY, FEAR, ANGER, SADNESS and TRYING TOs from time to time is quite natural and does not cause DIS-EASE. What causes DIS-EASE is being STUCK in one of these ATTITUDES.

When WORRY or FEAR or ANGER or SADNESS or TRYING TOs start taking over your life, then there is NO EFFORTLESS REALITY – then there is discomfort, pain and suffering.

For instance, when you next come across an angry person, understand that they are simply not in harmony. Jumper cable your MEDIATOR so that YOU don’t react to their anger. Simple as that. Or hold each finger in succession

‘There is nothing to FEAR but FEAR itself.’
(FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real)

Know Myself BE the Infinite Truth (IT), the Infinite Self (IS), the Impersonal Self (IS).


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