Main Central Missing Step

Main Central’s Missing Step


Hello, The Alice Burmeister book shows fewer points for the main central. [Touch of Healing]. I am interested to find out why.

Thank you, JS.


Hello, JS.

Thanks for your question and well spotted!

I don’t know exactly why one step that appears on the Main Central Exercise on my blog does NOT appear in the book The Touch of Healing.

The step is number L6 which places the left fingers above the belly button.

Now, I can tell you from experience, that the previous step – placing left fingers at the bottom of the sternum (xiphoid process) has a deeply harmonising effect for the whole of the abdominal area, so in most cases the following step would be ‘superfluous’.

However, I have also had the experience that working with the right hand at the top of the head and the left fingers above the belly button has helped me tremendously to harmonise any stomach, digestive discomfort or cramping.

The thing is – there is no ultimate right or wrong, and as Mary used to say: ‘Be your own testimony’.

Have FUN! Astrid

PS Afterthought on this.

It is possible that the diagram also attempts to follow the chakras – the ‘missing step’ places the fingers above the navel which is the area of the base (orange) chakra. But as I said before: it’s not about right or wrong, it’s about how efficient a hold works for each individual.

Update note:

In essence, you can place your left hand anywhere along the Main Central path, as you feel is helpful. Someone said that Mary said this in one of her classes.

It makes sense to me!

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