Flows For Life Jin Shin Jyutsu hold for adrenals

Q&A: Jin Shin Jyutsu Hold for Adrenals?


Which Jin Shin Jyutsu points should I hold please. I think I have stressed my adrenals as I have a tendency to low adrenal function.


The adrenals are helped by holding the energy site number 23 on the (small of the) back.

There is a number 23 energy site on either side and they are at elbow level when you bend the elbows.

Hold them as you are lying down  or sitting comfortably, for at least 20 minutes and I’m sure you’ll notice the difference.

Also hold the energy site 26 – the outer edge of the shoulder blade under the armpit – with the opposite fingers: so with right hand hold the left 26 and with the left fingers place your left thumb over your left little finger and then over your ring finger.

That’ll also help calm every thing down, as well as revitalising your system!

And remember the Main Central Exercise…!!