Q&A: Any Jin Shin Jyutsu Holds for the Legs

Any Jin Shin Jyutsu Holds for the Legs?


I am having trouble with my right leg. It goes numb and tingles.  It starts from my toes now its all the way up to my leg. This only happens when I sit down on my bed.

Awaiting your response.  This is a great concern of mine.  I would be very grateful if you can help me.


Numbness in the feet – yes, I sometimes have that too when I’ve been sitting too long at the computer!

Reflexology would be a wonderful way to release the tension, not only in the feet but also in the rest of the body, or you might want to have a session with an Osteopath or a Mctimoney Chiropractor to release the tension, which I think might be coming from the sacrum or the lower back…

However, in terms of Jin Shin Jyutsu holds, there are a couple of things you can do.

To help the feet, with left hand, hold right little toe, while you place your right fingers on the outside of the right heel just below the ankle bone. This is the the energy site number 16. Reverse the hands for the other side.

Another helpful Jin Shin Jyutsu hold for the feet is: hold right 16  with left fingers, and place right hand/fingers on the outside of the right calf muscle on the bone about 2 inches down from the knee – hold until you feel a pulse then hold until the pulse settles down, then hold again for a while (at least 20 minutes)

Also do Main Central Exercise every day if you can; especially the last position where you hold the pubic bone and the coccyx