The Immune Booster

This ‘Immune Booster’ as I call it, is for me one of the treasures of Jin Shin Jyutsu self help. It’s so simple to do and yet so powerful, it even works when you fall asleep in this position. That’s because your hands are connecting with the energy sites and working with the life energy in the body.

But it is much more than ‘just’ an immune booster hold.

Flows For Life Jin Shin Jyutsu Immune Booster Hold

Back pain and circulation in the legs

It also helps to clear the whole side that you’re working on. As you hold, it helps release any tension in the hips and the whole of the back, and it moves the energy down the legs, improving circulation.

Placing your hand over the shoulder also helps to release tension in that area.

This is also great to help bring down a fever, especially in kids.

The exercise

For the right flow (shown above), place the left hand over the right shoulder and place the right hand on the right groin. Do for 20 minutes minimum (but if you can’t do it for that long, don’t worry! Just hold for a few minutes).

For the left flow, place the right hand over the left shoulder and and place the left hand on the left side of the groin.

Do this at the start of a sore throat

I really got into this hold when I used it for a sore throat. I did the exercise, fell asleep and in the morning I had no sign of a sore throat.

The next time I had a sore throat I did the hold immediately and within a couple of minutes I actually felt how the sore throat dissolved into nothing with no sign of a cold thereafter. It was rather extraordinary, and it helped me feel the full power of this exercise.

Immune Booster Hold Video

In the following video, I show you how to do the Immune Booster Hold

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