if you need to help your immune system do this

Jin Shin Jyutsu quick hold for the immune system

Our body is very clever at telling us when it needs help. When we manifest symptoms like colds and flu it means that our body is being attacked. Our immune system is trying hard to fight back. There are many ways to support it, but this Jin Shin Jyutsu hold is a really simple and effective way to help the immune system. You can apply it to yourself or do it on someone else.

Watch the video where I show you this self help hold

Lifestyle is the key

One of the main reasons why we experience disharmony (and illness) is due to our lifestyle. Lifestyle, the way in which we live, encompasses many aspects of our life. Many of those aspects we can control and some we can’t.

Mary Burmeister says: “Perfect harmony can be disrupted by daily eating habits, working habits, hereditary characteristics, too dry or too damp living environment, weather conditions, mental and emotional anxieties, accidents causing bodily injuries, or injection of poisonous matter.” I would add exposure to EMF (electro magnetic frequencies) and chemical toxins that can also play a part in causing illness. Our immune system has to do a lot of work every day!

So of course, we can watch what we eat and drink, make sure we stay hydrated, and reduce stress as much as possible by practicing some Jin Shin Jyutsu exercises. Some great ones to deal with stress: the Fingers, Main Central, and Spleen Flow for vitality and calm.

Jin Shin Jyutsu hold to help the immune system

This is a great self help hold to do on yourself, but it is really easy to do on someone else as well. Not only is it helpful to support the immune system, it also helps bring down fevers. Also great when you feel a sore throat coming on. Practice the side where you feel the sore throat.

if you need to help your immune system do this

For the left side (shown), simply place your right hand over your left shoulder, then slide the hand down a bit so that your fingers are resting in the space between the spine and the top of the shoulder blade. When you place your hand in this way, you are working with two energy sites, or safety energy locks as we call them in Jin Shin Jyutsu: SEL 11 and 3. At the same time, place your left hand on your left groin at SEL 15.

For the right side, place your left hand over the right shoulder and place your right hand on the right groin.

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