jin shin jyutsu self help for leg cramp

Get relief from leg cramp

Most of us have suffered leg cramp at some point in our lives and we know how excruciating that pain is. It could happen anywhere, at any time. So isn’t it wonderful that there is an easy Jin Shin Jyutsu self help hold for leg cramp? It’s all about knowing where to place the hands on the body.

Watch the video where I explain and show the exercise

Sudden cramp in both legs on stage

Well, imagine being up on stage in front of hundreds of people and you get severe cramp, not just in one leg, but both!

This actually happened to someone at a seminar I attended.

The poor guy had to get off the stage and sit down – he was in extreme pain and looked very distressed. Immediately, a whole group of people gathered round him, trying to help.

I managed to cut through the group, quietly knelt down and put my fingers at the back of his knees and held on. Meanwhile it was complete chaos around him. Well meaning people asking if he was okay and offering all sorts of advice.

At the same time, people shouting at me: “Are you a doctor? Are you a doctor?!”

I reply: “No, I’m a  Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner.” And keep holding the backs of his knees.

After a few minutes he calms down and his face relaxes, then I ask if the pain has gone. He says that yes, it has – so I quietly get up and leave him.

I don’t think he even realized what I had ‘done’.

And that’s the way it should be – so quick, so easy, that you don’t even have time to wonder about it. It just IS – PAIN GONE.

The man with one lung

An elderly friend of my parents would complain of severe leg cramps which he got often (especially at night). He had one lung for much of his life and this is one of the reasons why he suffered from this condition.

He was willing to try anything, so I shared this exercise with him. Even though he was initially rather cynical about whether it would work, he gave it a chance.

A few days later he cycled past me with a big smile and a wave, as he shouted: “It works! It WORKS!”

Made my day.

The Jin Shin Jyutsu exercise for leg cramp

Place the hands on the center of the backs of the knees.

jin shin jyutsu for leg cramp uncrossed

If you have cramp in the LEFT LEG, arms are UNCROSSED.
Place right fingers on the back of the right knee and
the left fingers on the back of the left knee. Hold until there is relief.

jin shin jyutsu self help for leg cramp crossed

If you have cramp in the RIGHT LEG, arms are CROSSED.
Place left fingers on the back of the right knee and
the right fingers on the back of the left knee. Hold until there is relief.

If you get leg cramp in BOTH LEGS then hold the backs of the knees whichever way comes to you first. If the cramp does not ease within seconds then try the other way.

If the issue recurs, practice these holds for 20 minutes every day until there is no recurrence.

And finally, don’t panic if you can’t remember which way is for which leg! Just place the hands whichever way you remember. The key is to work with the BACKS OF THE KNEES.

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