How Jin Shin Jyutsu Works: An Analogy

Many people ask me how Jin Shin Jyutsu works so here is an analogy I like to use.

Imagine that your body is like a beautiful house. A house that hasn’t been cleaned for a very, very long time.

To give this house a general clean after so long will take a bit of effort and time.

Once the house has been cleaned though, it is easier to maintain it that way. All we have to do is clean a little every day, for instance.

Now, if an accident happens and someone spills a glass of red wine on the white carpet, then some effort will have to be concentrated into that particular area.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is like cleaning your house.

You clean your house when you hold a thumb or a finger. Or when you practice a self help hold where you place your hands on energy sites on your body. By doing this, you help speed up the cleaning and healing process.

The good news is that the effect is cumulative – so the more you clean the easier IT IS to clean!

And of course, you also clean house when you have a Jin Shin Jyutsu Treatment from a Practitioner.

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