Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help for Adrenal Exhaustion

I am looking for help with long term adrenal weakness


I wish to help long term adrenal weakness and now very exhausted adrenals.


The key to the adrenals is SEL 23. They are located at the back (middle back), at the level of the elbows. You can hold them while sitting or lying. See link for the SEL chart and the location of the energy sites called the SEL 23s.

Also, the Main Central exercise is very important – would benefit you GREATLY to do this exercise every day – there is one hold within this exercise which is very BENEFICIAL for the adrenals and your energy levels – do it often throughout the day.

See link to exercise MAIN CENTRAL SOURCE OF LIFE and see particularly the step R1 (right hand on top of head) and L5 (left fingers at the base of the sternum) – very powerful.

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