Jin Shin Jyutsu To Keep You Cool This Summer

Regulating your body temperature


‘I wanted to know whether there are specific holds that can help for people like me who cannot take the heat literally: (meaning that my body doesn’t seem to be able to cool down anymore when the temperature rises to above 25 degrees celcius for a couple of days).

I thrive when the temperature is at around 18-22, but my internal airco seems to break down when we have a couple of consecutive days of sunny hot weather.

The symptoms are that I feel a constant light pressure around my head and my eyes and my face turns all red and feels flushed and overheated, I become all sweaty, my feet start to overheat and swell up, and all these symptoms last until the temperature goes down (I’m a nordic type – blonde, blue eyes, pale skin, burn easily) …

You can imagine that every time there is a heat wave predicted here, I really really hope that it won’t last for more than a few days…Any advice to deal with this with the help of Jin Shin Jyutsu holds would be more than welcome.’

A from Belgium


Summer is fun but summer is also difficult for many of us who can’t take the heat very well.

So when I discovered that Jin Shin Jyutsu could help me regulate my body temperature, I was overjoyed!

Jed Schwartz mentioned in a class that Master Jiro Murai only ever wore a wool tunic – come heat or cold. He regulated his body temperature with his hands! And so can you –

So here are some Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Holds for staying cool this summer:

  • Self Help Hold for the Deep Skin
  • There is an energy site on the outside of the knee and one of it’s main functions is to regulate the temperature in the body. It is energy site (SEL) number 8. Hold the right one to cool the body, hold the left one to warm the body. I always forget which one is which so I just hold them both, and the body knows what to do!!!
  • Try also this following sequence of steps to help regulate the temperature in the body – use it to cool the body down or to warm the body up. See this post Self Help Flow to Cool the Body

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