Jin Shin Jyutsu for Bladder Infections

Q&A: Jin Shin Jyutsu for Bladder Infections (and Bloating)


I came across your website when searching for Jin Shin Jyutsu, and found it very interesting and helpful.

I was wondering if you knew of any self help holds for bladder infections? Thank you in advance!


The main reason for a bladder infection is the bacteria that are normally found in the bowel.

The good news is that the bladder has several mechanisms to prevent infection. In most cases, urination flushes out bacteria before it reaches the bladder. Sometimes your body can’t fight the bacteria and the bacteria cause an infection.

Symptoms of a bladder or urinary tract infection typically include pain when you urinate. It can also affect your lower abdominal area causing pressure and pain there as well as bloating.

An upset bladder can cause bloating

When there is bloating there can also be gassiness along with the swelling and a feeling of being uncomfortably ‘stuffed’.

The culprits of bloating are very often dairy products and other hard-to-digest foods such as beans, nuts, seeds, fruits, brussels sprouts, oats, barley, honey and yeast which can also cause gas and an inflated stomach. Of course, food intolerances can be particular to each individual, so having a look at the diet might be helpful.

Jin Shin Jyutsu offers dynamic self help for bladder infections and bloating. Persistent pain and discomfort should, of course, be checked out.

Jin Shin Jyutsu self help bladder flow

This sequence of holds is very easy to do and is dynamic to help harmonise the energy pathway of the bladder (as well as the bladder itself). Hold each position for 2-3 minutes or longer if it feels really good.

Left side
Place right hand on left side of neck and
left hand, palm against the body, on the coccyx (tailbone) then
Move the left hand to the left back of the knee then
Place the left hand on the left outside of the heel then
left hand holds left little toe

Right side
Place left hand on right side of neck and
right hand, palm against the body, on the coccyx (tailbone) then
Move the right hand to the right back of the knee then
Place the right hand on the right outside of the heel then
right hand holds right little toe

The Jin Shin Jyutsu bladder flow is dynamic for lots of things

The bladder flow is also good for swollen legs and for other leg discomforts.

It is especially useful for any back pain and discomforts, and also helps with sciatica.

In the case of sciatica it is useful to clear the neck on the opposite side of the sciatic pain.

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