Jin Shin Jytsu for Body Over Heating

I feel easily ‘over heated’


When younger I had no problems with heat but these days I feel easily ‘over heated’ even when it is not so hot and wearing normal clothing for the season.

Is it possible to remedy this with Jin Shin Jyutsu?


Yes it is.

The two things that come to me are the Spleen flow (Mary explains the flow in Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help book 1 – starts on page 39) and a special energy function flow for the deep skin in Text 2 (Jin Shin Jyutsu seminar) on page 45.

See this post of the Spleen Flow, and another post on this Jin Shin Jyutsu blog for the magic exercise for Deep Skin.

Let me know if this works. If you feel relief, but it doesn’t clear up, then there will be further flows and holds to recommend.

A good idea is also to practise the Main Central every day.

Have fun!

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